Monday, October 2, 2023
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Lenovo Legion Y90 Leaks Depict the Phone as Best Gaming Device

A few days earlier, the specifications of the Lenovo legion y90 smartphone were leaked and surfaced on the internet. As per the disclosed features of y90, it seems to be the fastest and most reliable gaming smartphone. The appearance, design, and performance chips tell that the device is equipped with the advanced tech to run high-profile games smoothly on the phone. As gaming has already become a trend in the world, gamers look for smaller devices other than the massive PCs and gaming consoles. This makes the y90 a compatible and much more reliable model for games lovers in the smartphone world.

Leaked Specs of Lenovo Legion Y90

The leaked specs of Lenovo legion Y90 revealed that the phone will probably be the best gaming smartphone due to its gen 1 snapdragon 8 chip pairing up with 18GB ram. If the rumors are true then 18Gb physical and 4GB virtual ram (22GB combined) will make the phone smoothest and processing faster than ever. Also, the phone storage capacity is massive since it has separable modules; 512GB and 128GB (640GB combined). Reportedly, the Ram and storage might be the plus points for Lenovo in terms of market value and competitiveness. Moreover, the mobile is not just another phone with a gaming card to run games like Asphalt and PUBG run fine but it is like a mini-computer with additional fans. The dual cooling system is a smart feature to keep the device from getting hot. The designers have added double X-axis motors for haptics.

Gaming Buttons and Appearance

Not every smartphone allows users to have a perfect gaming experience since different phones are designed for various purposes. For example, in 2021, Samsung was trying to help Xiaomi launch a new smartphone with a 200Mp camera, which was fulfilling the purpose of introducing the most advanced camera. Similarly, Lenovo legion Y90 is solely about gaming. Thus, the company has added six gaming buttons that will make the gaming experience more real. People who have been using controllers will have an idea of how the buttons work and in what way, they are profoundly functional.  

As for the appearance, the phone has a metallic back with cameras (16MP and 64MP OV64A 1/1.32 sensor by OmniVision) in the center of the body, according to leaks.

Expected Price

Aside from the revealed features, design, and specifications, the cost isn’t out yet. There have been assumptions that the phone might be $851.31 due to the biggest ram and storage. Whereas, some other presuppositions claim that it will be lesser than that due to the device being a gaming phone and not everyone is a gamer.

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