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Recalling Historic Numbers of Liverpool F.C. in the Season of 2019-2020

The current team is definitely one of the best to ever line-up for Liverpool F.C. (LFC). Reds managed to collect unbelievable 82 points with losing just a single match over 29 games. They continued their undefeated streak of 17-matches from last season and brought the total to 44-matches in this season. Just Five games behind Arsenal’s longest undefeated streak in English Premier League. LFC were on the verge to wining the whole league of 2019-20 until COVID-19 fears brought their hopes to an abrupt end. To bask in their glory once again, a throwback to one of the greatest title runs in history of football is as follows:

Almost Broke the Record for Most Points Scored in a Season

Manchester City set the record for winning 100 points in 2017-18 season. City is perhaps the world’s most dangerous team and Liverpool just fell short of beating their record because of virus. Current situation of LFC shows 27 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, and total points froze at 82. If the league continued and LFC maintained their form, they would have won 109 points in 9 remaining games. It was even fine for them to lose or draw couple of matches, City’s record was a goner anyway.

Currently the Premier League table sees the Reds sitting at the top and 25 points ahead of runner-up, Manchester City.

The Unbeaten Record

Last year LFC suffered their only defeat in the league by the hands of Manchester City. In 2019-20 they continued their undefeated streak while Manchester City also racked up 18 consecutive wins early on. City was also dominating in UEFA Champions League scene when they handed Real Madrid Half way in, Manchester City tripped but LFC won every single game and levelled their record. It was Watford who ended 44-match streak by handing their first loss of the 2019-20 season.

But The Numbers Still Favor LFC

Manchester City set the 100 points record by winning 2.63 points per match. Whereas, LFC did it with the rate of 2.77 points per match. Liverpool was most likely to win the title before unfortunate events suspended the premier league. It is saddening for many fans to see the Reds deprived of the title after hard training and spectacular results.

How Does It Rank Among Europe?

LFC is the fifth team to have the longest unbeaten record among Europe’s finest. Arsenal stands at number 3 and is the first English Premier League team to win 49 games in a row. Juventus also stayed unbeaten for 49 straight matches in 2011-12 and stands at fourth position. The first position belongs to AC Milan. Their 58 games unbeaten run lasted for two years during 1991-93. Runner-up Bayern Munich maintained an unbeaten streak for 53 matches over the period of two years, 2012-2014.

The Team of Future Superstars

For over a year, the unstoppable trident of Sadio Mané, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah have seen new levels of success. The Reds scored 104 goals in their unbeaten run and only the trident was able to score in double figures. Salah and Firmino registered 24 and 12 goals respectively but, Mané bagged 27 in his name. Besides his goal scoring duties, Firmino assisted 10 goals – ranked number three after Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson, who contributed 21 and 14 assists, each.

Virgil van Dijk scored 7 while Divock Origi and Georginio Wijnaldum both scored 5 goals each. This is the most monstrous  team has ever been. There are even more records LFC is achieving under coach, Jürgen Klopp. Liverpool has defeated every top-tier team in premier league in club’s 127 year old history.

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