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London Fashion Week 2018 to Be A Sustainable Exhibit of Art and Culture

London Fashion Week 2018 for fall is just approaching. The event will kickstart on Thursday 13th September and end on Tuesday 18th September. While designers and artists are going to showcase their creativity, the event is focussing on social inclusion and sustainability.

London Fashion Week 2018

The glamorous London Fashion Week 2018 is going to be much more than a mere exhibition of stylish outfits. Clothes reflect the cultural identity and so the fashion unless affected by globalization. Well, fashion events have not remained all about art and culture, and they have shifted their focus to create a social influence too.

BFC (British Fashion Council) is trying to make London Fashion Week for this fall more inclusive and sustainable by taking the necessary measures, which might make it difficult for the audience to experience the show of dresses made up of a particular material.

A Fur-Free Fashion Weekend

It is impossible to imagine a fall fashion event without fur. As part of the BFC’s positive fashion initiative, it has surveyed with designers, brands, and retailers and decided not to showcase any animal fur. The purpose of such a decision is to keep in view then consumers’ sentiments towards conservation.

A Sustainable Event Ahead

As part of its Positive Fashion initiative, BFC is focusing on sustainability, craftsmanship, equality, and diversity in London Fashion Week 2018 for this fall. The organization is committed to introducing models from diverse backgrounds on runways and help spread awareness about climate change etc.

While BFC is talking a lot about taking steps to conduct an environmentally and socially cautious event by taking all stakeholders on board, it needs to go a long way to bring a positive change in society. A sneak peek into London Fashion Week for spring reveals that there were certain things that such events still needed to be careful about. For example, there were protests by the plus size models for not getting the due representation on runways.

So, introducing the clothing, outfits, and styles which are not exclusive to stereotypical beauty notions but fit well for everyone can be a real march towards the promotion of an inclusive society.

Events of London Fashion Week 2018

London Fashion Week for fall 2018 is going to be much glamorous and entertaining. The event will have exhibits of arts and crafts, stylish outfits, the introduction of new beauty styles and a complete package for the latest fall fashion in the form of different shows by various designers.

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