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Top Fashion Schools of the World According to Latest Ranking

Let’s begin on an honest note; passion takes precedence over a university degree when there is a question of gaining expertise in a field. Let’s take the example of the dynamic and glamorous industry of fashion. It is evident that a person who can think out of the box and has creative abilities can qualify for becoming an expert in this field. If so, then what is the purpose of going to the top fashion schools around the globe to make a name in any field?  The answer is not as such complicated. One needs to attend the fashion schools to polish his/her skills and build a craft.

Which are the top fashion schools in the world

It is essential for wannabe fashionistas to know about the top fashion schools around the globe, as they consider it necessary to know about current fashion trends to follow.

Here is the list of the world-famous fashion institutes according to Business of Fashion rankings.

  1. Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design

The most prominent factor that puts Central Saint Martin College on of Art and Design on top is the placement rate of its graduates. It is also famous for its qualified faculty and latest teaching methods. The institute is located in London, UK and offers degrees in various related fields that include fashion designing, fashion marketing and communication, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Menswear and Fashion Womenswear Designing.

  1. Parsons, the New School for Design

Parsons, School for Design, is among the pioneer fashion institutes and dates back to 1896. The present school is the merger of old one and Parsons New School of Design that was founded in 1919. The school teaches fashion design, graphic design, fashion design and marketing, industrial design and communications. It offers summer programs along with undergraduate and graduate degrees.

  1. Istituto Marangoni Milan

In spring season when all eyes are set on London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, Italy also offers fashionistas to feast upon some glamorous festivals. Hence, there is no way for its vibrant cities like Milan to not provide one of the top fashion schools in the world. Istituto Marangoni Milan is third in the list for being of the oldest fashion institutes. The school that was founded in 1935 is also famous for placement opportunities and diversity it supports. Its multi-cultural atmosphere prompts the industrial based and creative learning.

It teaches fashion designing, film, fashion marketing, media communications, and photography has campuses in London, Paris and New York as well.

  1. Royal College of Arts, London

Royal College of Arts, London is an international level fashion institute in a real sense because it is the only post-graduate level school that enrolls students from all over the world. The institute which is located in Kensington, London offers courses in 24 programs including fashion innovation, fashion designing, and other related fields.

  1. Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

The name sounds similar to MIT, and it indeed matches the prestigious institute of technology in term of quality. The place has offered some of the finest names in the fashion industry to the world that include Ralph Rucci, Kalvin Clain, Reem Ara and many others. The school is located in New York and offers some in-field opportunities to the students. It offers courses related to interior design, fabric styling, fragrance and marketing management, cosmetic and fashion business management.

  1. Kingston University

Not many people know that Kingston University, London’s fashion college is a ranked high institute in its field. The school is not that much famous in term of notable alumni, but it indeed offers a quality education. Fashionistas whose knowledge is limited to few concepts like making a fashion statement with cultural dresses can consider opting for Bachelor of Honors Fashion and MA in Fashion courses of Kensington University.

  1. Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Here is another European institute that has made to the list of top fashion schools in the world. It is located in Antwerp Belgium and offers courses in Jewelry Making, Visual Arts Fashion and Costume Making. The institute indeed provides standard education that meets the demands of ever competitive and evolving fashion industry. But, it also demands proficiency in Dutch for those who want to study here.

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