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Man Jailed for Three Years for Buying Pokémon Cards from Covid Money

Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that a man from Georgia, Vinath Oudomsine of Dublin is sentenced to spend three years in prison and pay a fine for being indulged in a loan scam. Reportedly, the Georgian obtained the covid 19 relief fund which is a funding program by congress to help small businesses jeopardized due to coronavirus. He used it illegally by spending more than $57,000 to buy Pokemon cards. The guy bought one-of-a-kind Charizard cards.

How Did Vinath Oudomsine Initiate the Pokemon Cards Scam?

In August 2020, 31 years old Vinath Oudomsine tricked the authorities into giving him $85,000 for the stability of his small business. Reportedly, he applied for the relief fund since his alleged business, which employed 10 people, was affected by the pandemic. The amount was given to him in order to alleviate the gross revenues of $235,000. It was also provided to ensure that the Georgian man can pay the rent and salary of the workers. Oudomsine took advantage of the program and utilized a handsome amount of money to buy tradeable cartoon-based cards.

Legal Action Against the Offender

The offended pleaded guilty to getting the money by adapting inappropriate methods and using it for selfish purposes. The court ordered him to return all the money with an addition of more than $10,000 as a fine. The fraud is also going to serve three years in prison without parole as there is none in the federal system.

Reportedly, Oudomsine forfeited all the Pokémon cards as the tradable cards have become the property of the government.

Frauds to Be Prevented at All Cost

The world has suffered a lot due to covid 19 and its destruction of human lives. People have lost their businesses and ways to earn money. Airlines went bankrupt during the coronavirus pandemic and here are some goons trying to fill their pockets by looting the needy ones.  According to attorney David Estes, people like Vinath take unfair advantage of such programs to line their pockets. The lawyer stated that with the help of officials, the Pokémon Cards buyer is behind bars along with other criminals like him. As per Philip Wislar, the acting special agent of FBI Atlanta, Oudomsine’s punishment reflects the FBI’s commitment towards rounding up those who indulge in forgery and fraud. This includes abusing taxpayer dollars and depriving deserving people of attaining their rights.

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