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Leaders of Manipur Announnce Independece from India

On Tuesday, two leaders of Manipur who are living in exile in UK has announced the establishment of an independent Manipur free of Indian intervention on all grounds.

Self- Declared Independence of Manipur

The princely state became a part of India In 1949 after it attained its freedom from the British raj on 14th august 1947. Since then,  sporadic separatist movements have emerged, demanding the establishment of an independent Manipur.

According to the self-declared state council of the former princely state, India, for a long time, has subjected the people living there to unspeakable atrocities. Over the years, many people living in the areas have brutally beaten and oppressed. The women are kidnapped and raped by the army. Violence and crime have grown exponentially and has become a part of everyday life.

UN Urged to Acknowledge Existence of Manipur As Free State

While speaking to the media Yamben Biren and Narengbam Samarjit, who have identified themselves as the chief minister and minister of foreign affairs and defense, urged the members of the UN to acknowledge their existence and help them attain independence from India.

The separatist leaders are of opinion that strong ethnic mix of the state is strongly committed to preserving their identity and culture, which India has been trying to eradicate over the past years. Despite this, they approached the Indian government to negotiate a deal that would not allow this to happen, but unfortunately, we were met with a hostile and disgraceful attitude.

The officials of the self-declared independent state have stressed that India has ruled over them using draconian laws for far too long; it was time to put an end to this. It was now or never.

Maharaja of the State Refutes the Claims

The maharajah of the eastern state of India upon inquiry refuted these claims and reportedly stated that he had no knowledge of what was going on.

It is noted that the separaist leaders in Manipur have annunced the independence in time when Indian government is facing criticism from the world for human rights violation in Kashmir after revocation of Article 370.

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