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This New Viral Memes Format Is Best Way to Express Relatable Situations

Memes are one of the best things to come out of social media for their potential to describe the situation in a humorous way. Very often, it is not the element of humor that attracts the audience but their content and relatable context. Usually, viral memes have a particular format, that revolves around a particular phrase, a human expression, or some popular movie dialogue or picture or any other content. Irrespective of the basic layout, what matters more for the viral memes formats is that it must have universal appeal and an ability to fit in different scenarios.

Be it Am I A Joke to You memes are those related to distracted boyfriend image, the popularity of such stuff lies in relatability to the audience.

Viral Memes Format of I Can’t Even Say It

Just recently social media has introduced another viral memes format that ends with I Can’t Even Say It and starts with Imagine. Just to see what this new format is all about, have a look at few memes.

It just explains how bad the outcome of a situation can be because it is something that one can’t even say it.


A trend that says it all about the very nature of existential crisis the young generation is suffering from.


Money really matters…

Imagine being happy only in imagination but also in reality.

For Those Who Just Accept to be Wrong


About some things which can really never be said.

And, this one

Those Relating to Some Real-Life Struggles


How come some expressions can be this much true?


On wearing certain apparel.

On taking sides with politicians.

This is not the all, there are a lot more situations that can fit well into this viral memes format that ends with I Can’t Even Say It. What is your version of this meme? Just think and leave the answer in the comment box. Say it even if you can’t even say it.

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