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Matterhorn in Switzerland Lights up with Message of Hope for World

Words cannot explain all the pain and suffering caused by COVID-19 pandemic which has infected more than 3 million people across the globe to date. The extreme level of virus spread has seen the closure of almost all public spots around the globe. In these difficult times, Switzerland has got an aesthetic way to provide a sign of hope for the people who are suffering from the crises. The country has lightened up Matterhorn peak with flags of countries as a sign of hope during these tough times.

Matterhorn is the second highest peak after Mont Blanc in the Alps Mountain Range, standing at 4478m. It was an astounding decision by Switzerland authorities to project these beautiful messages of hope and solidarity on this peak. Matterhorn overlooks the beautiful village of Zermatt which is around 240km away from Zurich, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Switzerland Lights Up the Matterhorn Everyday

The mountain peak has been illuminated every day since 24th March. This area is usually filled with all kinds of tourists on better days. This might be a way for the mountain to acknowledge and wish well upon those people who visited it.

These times can easily break anyone, sometimes people need encouragement to feel like staying and fighting. This is an effort from Switzerland to express their gratitude for all those involved in the fight to stop the pandemic.

A Temporary Art Project

This project is a part of the Light Is Hope initiative by Gerry Hofstetter who is a light artist. He is known for transforming buildings and landscapes into objects of art. This time it was the mountain chosen to represent strength and stability for the people of Zermatt village.

They want to show solidarity with the world and they are grateful for all the medical professionals, all those who kept the supply chain running, and all of those who have sacrificed their daily routine to stay at home. Swiss Government is keen on the lockdown parameters. It is making sure that watching this spectacle from home on a webcam can provide a better experience than in person.

Matterhorn Casting National Flags to Communicate with the Affected Countries

Coronavirus has affected each country in a unique way. Disruptions are increasing day by day on social, political, and economic levels. The village of Zermatt showed solidarity with each country by casting their flags on Matterhorn. Each country is addressed by the individual crisis it’s facing. Here is how the flag of each country looked at Matterhorn.










South Korea

United Kingdom


South Africa

New Zealand





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GCC Countries


Sweden & Holland




Tweet Translation: With the German flag on the Matterhorn we send a sign of solidarity across the currently closed borders


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