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Hawaii Mayor Derek Kawakami Is New Social Media Star amidst Lockdown

Derek Kawakami the eleventh Mayor of Kauai has become a social media star as he has started a series of stay-at-home activities videos on his social media accounts to kill boredom.  

Governor of Hawaii David Ige issued stay-at-home orders to contain the spread of novel coronavirus and imposed 9 to 5 curfew for his state.

Kauai is one of Hawaii’s islands that came under the curfew. It’s been nearly two weeks since the stay-at-home became mandatory leading to boredom setting in for some its people as it is the case with the entire world.

42-years old Mayor kauai shared videos on his social media account and encouraged people on using healthy ways to kill the boredom as community. The administrator seemed successful in this.

Mayor Kauai Kawakami in his TikTok dance video gave a message to everyone to do this fifteen-second dance practice. This was a way for folks to remain active at home that too in an entertaining way. The man is giving his people some exciting Stay at Home Challenge.

Derek Kawakami just didn’t do TikTok dance, but he also posted a tutorial of McGyver Ice cream, butter-bear and many more on his Instagram handle with hashtag #stayhomekauai

This cool government official also shared some video games in an attempt to entertain people.

Derek Kawakami also accepted the Kekaha Elementary School Challenge. It is a fitness challenge which is a good way to maintain physical health amidst lockdown.

He also filmed some DIY( Do It Yourself) videos of Easter Egg, Glitter Sensory Jar, and many more just like celebrities have been doing the Dalgona coffee challenge.

Mayor of Kauai Receiving Praise from His People

Mayor Derek Kawakami of Kauai entertained people who are following stay-at-home orders and viewers are loving him for this gesture.

He is being considered very careful and compassionate mayor.

The comments Mr. Kauai is receiving in response to his videos are amazing. It seems that folks are not much interested in these worth adding to watchlist Netflix series as they have got those interesting videos.

TV Anchor/Reporter Lauren Day urged people to follow Mayor Derek Kawakami of Kauai just in case they were not already following him on social media.

Well, he is becoming an icon of entertainment in Hawaii which is something to be proud for this Island nation.

These videos are indeed entertaining but they are a way to encourage people to stay at home during the lockdown which is necessary to contain coronavirus pandemic.

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