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What Makes Argentina vs Brazil The Greatest Rivalry In Football History

The two most dominating teams in Football share an iconic rivalry on the field. Any Argentina vs Brazil match is the perfect food for nostalgia. These teams  have many history making macthes on so many levels that have elevated the game of Football for years to come.

Together, these nations have produced a lot of legendary players, such as Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, De Stefano, Redondo, Roberto Carlos, Kaka, Gabrielle Batistuta and Lionel Messi. Every big European club has included the players from these two countries in their teams.

Who Won Most Argentina vs Brazil Matches

Collectively Argentina and Brazil have won the FIFA World Cup seven times (Brazil 5, Argentina 2). For many years, the comparison between these players remained the limelight of Football discussions. These two teams have given the Football fans so much to cherish.

The rivals  faced each other more than 111 times. Brazil has won 46 games and Argentina has won 40 games, whereas 25 ended in a draw. Brazil seems to come out on top but Argentina has given Brazil the toughest time of their career. In a way, both of these teams made each other great. Argentina remained ahead in other championships like Copa America 14 times (Brazil 9 times), and Olympics 2 times (Brazil only won olympics once). Argentina has also claimed the biggest win in the rivalry in 1940, when they beat Brazil by 6 goals to 1.

The Most Dramatic Match Between Argentina and Brazil

Almost every match between Brazil and Argentina is a thrilling showdown. Let’s take a look at one match that perfectly displays how these two teams admire the beauty of this game.

1982 World Cup (second group stage match) – Argentina 1 – 3 Brazil



Arguably the fiercest clash of the rivals happened in the final group stages of 1982 World Cup in Barcelona, Spain. It was a must win for Argentina as they’d already lost to Italy. They were not in the mood to get humbled again by their worst enemy but Brazil did not show an ounce of mercy.

What Happened In The Match?

Brazil won by 3 goals to 1 after a spectacular performance. First goal came after a free kick from Eder bounced off the bar for Zico to stab it into the net. This was the confidence booster for Brazil as they moved like they owned the field. Zico made a considerable effort that inspired later generations of Brazilian midfielders.

Argentina was unable to stop Brazil despite the sheer determination. The next two goals were scored by Serginho and Junior to make it 3-0 with only 15 minutes left for the final whistle. Argentina’s struggle increased when Diego Maradona was sent off for lunging in on Batistuta. It was a sad day for Maradona as it was his first World Cup match and he lost his cool. However, Argentina managed to pull one back with the help of Ramon Diaz in the 89th minute amidst all that pressure. It was a remarkable achievement to smash one past the defence of Brazil with a 10 man team. 

Brazil was probably chilling in the final moments after a wondrous game. Their win was a result of exceptional teamwork and beautiful passing that still remains supreme over the modern game of football. Today, Brazil is still remembered for the football they played in that particular match.

How Did It All Began?

The storied rivalry started 106 years ago in 1914 when Brazil was a newcomer. It still had a 100% win record after winning its first two international games. To improve the trade relations between both countries, Brazil and Argentina had to start playing football games. However, the first exhibition match in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires was cancelled because the ship that was supposed to carry the Brazilian players, arrived very late.

There were many political issues involving South American countries but due to the efforts of the then Argentine President, Argentina vs Brazil happened for the first time in a friendly setting. Little did they know that they were kicking off the greatest rivalry in Football of all time. Ever since that day, these two great football teams are hell-bent on destroying one another.

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