Monday, December 11, 2023
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Mishi Khan Schools Aamir Liaquat for Talking Trash About Shia Muslims

Dr Aamir Liaquat is once again in the news and trending on social media. The netizens are criticizing him for his controversial statement on the Shia sect. Mishi Khan, Pakistani actress, host, and singer, also commented on his mindset about the sect. She posted a video on social media about how the PTI’s representative needs to reconsider saying something before opening his mouth to talk. Her post reflected sheer disappointment and anger towards Liaqat.

Mishi Khan Advices Aamir Liaqat to Get Psychiatric Help

Upon the inappropriate remarks of Aamir Liaqat regarding the Shias, Mishi khan expressed her anger by saying that he needs to get himself medically checked thoroughly. She mentioned that Aamir seems to be an idiot since he acts weird at times. She added that Liaqat should quit doing things like snake dance, becoming a religious scholar, and performing publicity stunts to gain attention. She sarcastically addressed him by calling his mouth a trash can as he doesn’t think before speaking. Khan educated him that it is everyone’s responsibility to respect the sects as Muslims. While concluding, she requested PTI to get him treated as she believes Liaqat is often not in his senses.

Aamir Liaqat Took it Too Far This Time

Mishi Khan and several other people on social media are offended by Aamir because he, along with the ones accompanying him during a religious gathering, insulted the Shia community. Someone from the crowd asked him why he and his brothers are not from the same sect. He metaphorically answered the question with disrespectful and derogatory remarks about the Shiites. His intention and meaning were clear about the community.

Furious Public Reactions

People are offended by what Liaquat said about the sect and how he explained it with a bizarre quote. Some refer to the time when Aamir Liaquat mocked Hindu God and faced criticism. Many, along with Mishi Khan, are condemning the member of the national assembly as they want the government to take strict action against him for insulting the religion. Social media is now getting flooded with the demands to arrest Aamir.

Pakistan is a county where people are very much protective of their sects. They take insults and inappropriate remarks of someone very seriously. Also, the country has extremists who don’t oversee a chance to bring the people with negative thoughts about religion down. The stunt Liaquat performed, whether intentional or not, might become extremely dangerous as extremism has its own way of targeting and victimizing.

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