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Pakistan Is Shocked After Mohammad Amir Quits Cricket

Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Amir announced retirement from cricket after allegedly facing mental torture from PCB. The 28-year-old appeared in a video with details of his treatment in the team. He said when he came back, only a couple of people supported him while most of the team did not want to play with him.

He said that it was a wake-up call for him when PCB did not select him for New Zealand tour. Last year, he retired from test cricket which backfired and many cricket lovers turned against him. In 2011, Amir was imprisoned along with Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif for spot-fixing. Three players conspired to bowl no-balls in a test match against England. He faced a 5-year ban from international cricket and came back to the team in 2016.

Mohammad Amir Breaks Hearts By Retiring

After serving his sentence, many people seemed to forgive him for contaminating the game of cricket. Some of them were shocked by the news and wanted Amir to review his decision immediately. Some others criticized PCB for letting it get to this. There were also those who considered Amir’s retirement as bliss.

Cricket fans said that he was a talented player who should review his decision as it seemed emotional. It would be very sad for them if Pakistan let a talent like Amir go because of internal conflicts. They think that senior players must get involve and stop Amir from leaving

Amir has accused two particular senior players with great influence over Pakistani team. His fans cannot stop trolling Waqar Yunus and Misbah-Ul-Haq for continuously harassing Amir even after he paid his price in jail

Some other senior players have advised the close team mates of Amir to talk some sense into him. He would probably regret his decision later as he is an athlete who is playing in a national team. It is kind of a very big deal and should not be wasted like this

For Some It Was A Good Riddance

Just like most of the Pakistani team, many fans and professionals despised Amir for taking part in a betting crime. Australian journalist Dennis Freedman was pissed at Amir for blaming PCB for retirement.

Career Highlights

Amir was the only one to come back from all three jailed players but perhaps he failed to earn forgiveness from many. Overall he enjoyed a pretty illustrious career on the playing field.

He played 36 test matches and racked up 119 wickets with an average of 30.47. He appeared in 61 ODIs and took 81 wickets with a 29.62 average. And, in 50 T20s, his wickets were 59 with an average of 21.40.

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