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Is the New Netflix Anime Series Tekken: Bloodline Different from Game? 

Out of many video games, the Tekken series has always given a good gaming experience to players. The action-fighting masterpiece has evolved with time since the technological advancements and evolution in the gaming world made innovation a necessary step. Moreover, games like Resident Evil, Need for Speed, the Witcher, and many others with a big fan following became the centre of attention for OTT platforms. In this regard, the Netflix anime series on Tekken: Bloodline is the latest project of the globally used streaming platform. It recently dropped the trailer of the imminent first season of the show. The trailer revealed a few details of what the season will be like. 

Story of the New Netflix Anime Series 

The trailer of the new Netflix anime series Tekken: Bloodline was released on Saturday. It revealed that the season will be available on Netflix anytime soon in 2022. As per the trailer, the plot revolves around one of the characters of the game, Jin Kazama who was introduced in Tekken 3 for the first time. The series is going to be a revenge show as Kazama will avenge his mother Jun falling to the villain called Demon. The protagonist seeks help from his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima who happens to be the actual antagonist. The events lead Jin to the King of the Iron First tournament where the other characters of the show will appear. 

Is Tekken: Bloodline Any Different from the Game?

As the trailer has revealed chunks of the story of Tekken: Bloodline, the vengeance part is somewhat different since it wasn’t the part of the Tekken games. But other aspects including fights, challenges, and one in particular that is the King on Iron First Tournament are the same since they are the gist of the whole series based on the game. One more thing that makes distinct from all the Tekken games is the purpose to enter the tournament. The games were limited to the versus fighting mechanics but the Netflix anime series will take the viewers through the vengeful journey of Kazama. Lastly, the characters are all the same. 

Other Anime Projects of Netflix 

Netflix has been quite active in turning the games into tv series. From Dota: Dragon’s Blood to Sonic X, many popular games have become a part of the streaming platform. The New Netflix Anime series includes some upcoming and most anticipated tv seasons. Recently, the platform announced an animated series on Resident evil game which is a gothic-action title for horror fiction lovers. The list of other famous series comprises Pokémon, Fate, Castle Vania, Dragon Quest: Your Story, Monster Hunter: Legends of The Guild, and The Witcher. 

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