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5 Places that Offer worth Seeing Madness on New Year’s Eve

Many of you wouldn’t consider giving a damn about New Year’s Eve. Maybe you are not in a position to celebrate the event with all its zeal. Or perhaps a little transition of the period is not worth counting as festivity. Choices apart, New Year’s celebration is something that significant portion of world’s population cherishes that too at the same time. You don’t see the sky around the globe setting ablaze with the firework for some global purpose on any other occasion. Even if you don’t favor starting a fresh year amidst the champagne parties and busy crowds, you should still consider feasting upon the celebrations around the world, just to see what is making people get mad.

Here are the top 5 places for New Year’s Eve where crowd’s enthusiasm is worth seeing.

Crowd of Millions at Times Square New York

New York’s Times Square boasts a gathering of millions on New Year’s Eve. Falling of a 12000 pounds heavy and 12-feet wide ball, from the top of Times Square offers a spectacular sight. Onlookers not only get to enjoy the mesmerizing firework but also enjoy the chants, arising from the sea of people. To get the whole picture of the scene, many visitors consider booking a boat in New York harbor. If you can’t make it to the destination then no problem. You can also watch all this fun live from your TV screens, which is suitable for those who want to be a silent observer without being the part of the crowd.

Charged Celebrators at London Eye

It’s fun to watch people, glancing at Big Ben on New Year’s Eve. It seems that this historic clock tower in London has to do something special in the transition of a period. As soon as the clock strikes 12, this bank of river Thames becomes luminous with breathtaking scenery of fireworks. The crowd of 250,000 onlookers does enough chants and roars to uplift this atmosphere of festivity.

New Year's Eve

Romantic View of Eifel Tower on New Year’s Eve

Celebration and Eifel tower are two inseparable things. This iron-building turned into a monument of love, drags thousands of visitors on the New Year’s Eve. Apart from fireworks at this lively place, the streets of Paris has something unique to offer for a love-soaked New Year celebration. Crowded bars and clubs, music concerts and boat sailors in the river Seine are worth seeing things that Paris has to offer. The scenic beauty of Paris is the most supportive atmosphere for those who want to contemplate New Year’s resolutions.

Mass Celebration in Los Angeles

For those in America, Los Angeles is the city to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. The place embraces people from every social background with open arms. Musical concerts, clubs, bars, fireworks and chances to meet with Hollywood celebrities is what makes Los Angeles a perfect venue for this festivity.

Dance Party at Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Fireworks and aerial flyovers inevitably offer an enjoyable experience for the festival. But the city has got something more special for those who want to get mad in the spirit of festivity. The dance party at Bondi Beach allows people to have fun while celebrating the event in their ways.

New Year might not be entirely new in term of life changes, but it surely heralds about what has passed and what is about to come.

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