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4 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolution is Important for Us

Another New Year is just coming, and so is another supply of jokes about New Year’s Resolution. Many people have already decided not to bother about the phenomenon; at least this is what the social media memes indicate. The essence of all that sarcasm reflects very well in the form of a humorous resolution; it reads as, “My resolution for 2018 is to complete my goals of 2017, which I had to do in 2016 because I promised to do them in 2015 and planned in 2014.”

Well, this rather funny but true argument against making a resolution at the start of a new year has some base. A change in the year doesn’t necessarily guarantee a change in behavior or routine.

Apart from all these objections, the question why New Year’s Resolution is essential for us has a solid basis. All a person requires is to think in a positive way, to get the desired outcome from the time to come.  Just have a look at these four reasons and consider paying attention to set a purpose for the next year.

It Makes You Get Clarity

Just think for a while. What is the fundamental step of making a New Year’s Resolution? It certainly includes at least one do or one not-to-do. You may decide to prioritize and task and set a goal to accomplish it. Or you may, want to get rid of some unwanted habit or choose not to follow it in the coming year. For example, you can decide to start reading books or quit smoking. It doesn’t matter whether you would be able to complete your goals. But, the right thing, you would at least have time to prioritize your tasks. The process of making a promise or setting an objective will give you an idea of what to do you want from the life. At least you will get to know what is essential.

New Year's Resolution

It Reflects on Your Past

It is a fact that change in year is just a change in time. In a short run, it may not prove impactful at least in making a meaningful transition. But this mere change of year acts as an alarm call. You just start evaluating yourself in term of your past and present performance. In the process of self-analysis, you start holding yourself accountable for what happened in the past. In this way, you are better able to make decisions and plan for future with a more practical approach. The good thing about looking into history is that it allows you to conclude your present status.  Such Self- Assessment process also acts as a motivational force to plan; even if you didn’t think to do so before.

It Helps You Achieve Goals

A more significant achievement requires successful accomplishment of short-term and long-term goals. Only setting a New Year’s resolution may not help you in reaching your final objectives, but setting short-term purposes can do so. The main reason behind why resolving on a new year doesn’t work is that you start thinking too big. You must divide your process of achievement into different easy to complete tasks.

It Makes You Realize Significance of Time

People may be divided on the insignificance of New Year’s Resolution, but they are united on the importance of time. A passing year makes a person realize that there is progress regarding time, but there is no development in term of achievement.

So, a new year is not a mere change in time, but it makes you see in which direction your life is moving.

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