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Pakistan SCO Membership and Its Benefits

Pakistan SCO membership has been finalized. The Prime Minister of Pakistan thanked the member countries for bringing the country onboard.

PM’s Address on Pakistan SCO Membership

Nawaz Sharif, the PM of Pakistan said that his country is determined to implement the body’s, Charter. He further added that Pakistan would have to learn from the wisdom of the members that found the organization.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan has deep cultural and historical ties with the SCO member countries. Nawaz Sharif stated that Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s goal aligns with the national interests of Pakistan. He reiterated the need for all countries to exist in peace and overcome the differences between the countries.

On the effectiveness of the SCO, the Prime Minister said that it had become a powerful platform for forging partnerships. Furthermore, he stated that countries should use this platform for building trust, and work towards mutual economic development benefits. Added benefits as the PM highlighted would help countries fight extremism, poverty, and overcome climate change.

Pakistan-India Prime Ministers on Sidelines of SCO

Pakistan SCO Membership and Its BenefitsIndian and Pakistani Prime Ministers meeting on the sidelines of the SCO came as a surprise after 17 months. The immediate details available point to PM Modi inquiring PM Nawaz Sharif about his health after surgery. There was no formal request by both sides to meet on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting.

What is Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and its Background

SCO or Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a Euro-Asian alliance for economic, military and political cooperation. The organization was formed in 1996 in Shanghai by leaders of five countries including China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

In 2001, the organization decided to include India and Pakistan into this organization. India and Pakistan jointly signed the memorandum of obligation in June 2016. The two countries have just become the full member of this organization on 9th June 207. The countries in the organization are enhancing cultural, economic, military, and security cooperation.

Pakistan SCO Membership Benefits

Let us look at the benefits of Pakistan SCO Membership.


Pakistan SCO Membership gives it a platform to showcase its products. The access to the Central Asian States will help the country attract Foreign Direct Investment. The promotion of an active Pakistan can help investors find it a suitable country for investments. The access to new markets gives Pakistan more trade leverage by increasing bilateral commerce with the other countries.


Pakistan SCO Membership will help the country make new linkages to other world economies. The leadership in the country must use the state’s ability to explore hydrocarbons and explore possibilities for joint water usage. Pakistan is far below its potential regarding trade with SCO countries. Therefore, it should seriously consider diversifying its economy by exploring new exporting avenues.


The Pakistan SCO Membership gives the country a connectivity to share its expertise in countering terrorism. The country is one of the worst affected by the menace of terrorism. Therefore, it must play its role in helping other nations overcome these challenges. Our government can significantly help China and other countries overcome the fears relating to extremism.

Meet Energy Needs

Many of the Central Asian states have rich energy sources. Pakistan is an energy deficient country that needs additional resources to meet the demands. The membership will help the country look at various energy corridors to meet its energy needs.

Counter Balance to NATO for Pakistan

The number of members of SCO will assist countries in this region including Pakistan counterbalance against NATO. Shanghai Cooperation Organization is gradually moving towards becoming an alliance which also values military cooperation and unity. The organization is working on initiatives involving a combination of military events with the political ones, increase cooperation between SCO and Russian army, and giving military assistance to member countries.

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