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Five Reasons to Have a Cover Letter When Applying for Job

There is a common misconception that your Resume or CV will suffice, so you do not need to send a Cover Letter. Both experienced professionals and fresh grads commit this mistake.

Let us have a look at the top five reasons to send a Cover Letter with your CV.

Avail Cover Letter Space to Showcase Your Strengths

Your CV or Resume is a document where you list your career highlights and things you have accomplished. However, you cannot openly express your suitability for the role. The use of Cover Letter lets you showcase your skills, strengths, and how you fit in a particular job profile. Therefore, you come in a better position to pitch yourself against other job candidates. For example, analytical skills can come in handy for a Network Administrator.

Showcase Your Ability to Write Effectively

Five Reasons To Have A Cover Letter When Applying for JobA Cover Letter gives you to express your writing prowess. In some jobs, writing ability counts a great deal. By sending a letter, you can let the potential employer know about your ability to write. Therefore, make sure you choose your words wisely. Be succinct, to the point, and do not try to praise yourself unnecessarily. Highlight what you can do for an organization. If you are applying for a job where communication skills make a lot of difference, a letter will leave a professional impression.

Let Them Know Why They Can’t Miss a Candidate Like Yourself

Also, there is no better document to market your skills than a Cover Letter. You can start with an impressive paragraph about the tasks you have performed in the past. Similarly, you can write about the value that you bring along with you. Focus on the points that would make you distinguishable from other candidates.

Customize Your Candidature on Job Profile

A significant advantage of using a Cover Letter is that you can customize your profile as per the job description. There is little room for the job seekers to make any changes to their CV or Resume. However, when it comes to a Cover Letter, they can write a different one for each type of job announced. Make sure to take the time to write a customized Cover Letter for each job role instead of using a general template.

Cover Letter May Initiate Action

The Covering Letter ends with words like “look forward to the interview opportunity” or “an opportunity to meet in person.” Words like these are all calls to action. They can initiate the response of a recruiter or HR manager to take action and get in touch with you. So, when you send a Covering Letter, it slightly increases your chance of getting a job interview call.

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