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Who Is Excitable Edgar? And How Are People Reacting to the Ad

It is that time of the year when folks are bombarded with the Christmas ads. John Lewis and partners, along with Waitrose and partner teamed up to make a new Christmas Ad. People after watching the ad can’t get enough of  Excitable Edgar and are starting to feel the Christmas vibe.

Story about Excitable Edgar Ad

The ad released by the two juggernaught companies features an adorable dragon named excitable Edgar who, at the slightest sight of affection, can get excited and exhale fire from his mouth or nostrils turning his helpful attentions into harmful ones.

As a result of his blunders and constant mistakes, he gets sad. On Christmas Eve, one village girl who is a close friend of the dragon knocks on his door and invites him to the community dinner. Edgar initially refuses, but later on, the persistence of the girls goes to the dinner, where everybody welcomes him after a short moment of hesitation.

Christmas is considered to be one of the most eagerly awaited holidays in the UK and places where followers of Christ reside. This holiday carries a special position in the hearts of Christians because, according to their historical records, this was the day on which Christ was born.

Public’s Reaction

Around this time of year, Christmas ad start popping up to kick start the holiday spirit, and companies like John Lewis normally have some of the best Christmas related ads that send a positive message to the viewers.

A Marketer’s Dream

The ad and Edgar, the dragon, have become an instant hit with the people. Large amounts of Edger related merchandise have already been prebooked for order. Some people were, so heart warmed that they decided to buy all the relevant merchandise, making them a marketer’s dream customer.


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