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Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Inspires Hope Against Global Pandemic

On Monday, Pfizer, the US Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporation, which is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, revealed shocking yet great news. The company was focusing on producing the vaccine for Covid19 alongside BioNTech, a German biotechnology company. It specializes in developing active immunotherapies for a patient-specific approach to cure contagious as well as harmful diseases. Anyhow, the important news is that their current and latest pfizer coronavirus vaccine trials were successful. According to their trial results, the preventive vaccination was 90% effective. Besides, as per the companies, there were no side effects that could cause damage to health. 

Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine to Be Out by End of 2020?

Pfizer is looking forward to putting the vaccine to use in the coming few weeks to complete the final trials. In order to do so, it requires broad US emergency use authorization from the US government to keep the public aged 16 to 85 safe from coronavirus. BioNTech and Pfizer necessitate candidates in the coming days of November. Their idea is to give a preventive vaccine to the participants to complete the process of creating a cure against covid19. 

A few months back, the global dilemma that infers how far is the world from making a coronavirus vaccine, kept the public worried regarding the covid19 situation around the world. Today, these giant companies presented the world with hope by revealing their efforts and fight against Covid19 and the pandemic it caused. Pfizer and BioNTech successfully developed an mRNA-based medication that can prevent people from coronavirus. 

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, an American Physician and immunologist, the vaccines against covid19 will be out by the end of 2020. The public will be able to prevent and cure themselves by taking the cure. Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon, since the trials are successful 90% effective against the disease. 

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s Planning On Giving Free Vaccination To All Americans 

According to Albert Bourla, the companies expect to produce 50 million vaccination doses by the end of 2020. Moreover, the quantity of doses is going to rise to 1.3 billion in 2021. The doses are going to be used globally since the quantity is about to be good enough for millions of people. He also mentioned that the Americans are going to avail of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine free.

The formula of Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine and expected Price?

The coronavirus vaccine is an mRNA (Messenger Ribonucleic Acid) technology-reliant preventive cure. The involvement and development of synthetic genes make it a quick and effective production process. The price of the anticipated cure is expected to be about $39. 

Political Controversies regarding Covid 19 Vaccine

According to the former US President Donald Trump, the pfizer coronavirus vaccine news only came out after the elections. His point of view revolved around the alleged accusation that Pfizer along with others delayed the vaccination news on purpose. He stated that thought of the delay as a conspiracy against him. They should have forgotten about the political concerns and helped people for the sake of humanity and innocent lives.

According to the screenwriter Emerald Robinson, the formula of the Covid19 vaccine, which includes mRNA technology is an unreliable source. As per her, mRNA technology has never been approved before because it is not good when it comes to the natural phenomenon of the body. i.e. mRNA interferes with DNA and can cause multiple issues. As per her statement regarding the vaccination, 75% of trial volunteers experienced health issues after using the latest coronavirus vaccine by Pfizer.

The world is experiencing a global threat in the form of a plague. Several attempts including the use of anti-malarial drug chloroquine as Covid19 treatment, went in the gutter while figuring out the actual and permanent cure for this global disease. Now, the Public on a global level is hoping for an authentic treatment against Covid19.  

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