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PM Imran Khan Faces Criticism for Remarks against Hazara Protesters

After the heinous incident in Mach, Pakistan, the Hazara protesters demanded PM Imran Khan to visit Quetta and meet the community members who were sitting with corpses of dead despite the freezing cold. Their sheer desire was to get justice for those innocents who have been slaughtered brutally.

However, PM khan stated that he would only visit if the protesters would bury the dead bodies. According to PM, the protesters were blackmailing him. Thus, he refused to meet the Hazara people until they are done with the burial of the diseased. Upon this statement, people started criticizing Khan for showing no empathy towards the Hazara community members.

PM Imran Khan about Hazara Protesters

A few days back, 11 coal minors from Balochistan were killed by unidentified criminals. They belonged to the Shia Hazara community. The people who endured this loss initiated a protest in order for the Prime Minister of Pakistan to visit Quetta, meet the affected community members and assure them of justice.

PM Imran Khan has responded by assuring the Hazara families of his arrival while he expressed grief upon their loss. 

However, in his latest statement PM Imran Khan put condition that he would visit Quetta only if Hazaras burry their dead and also remarked that protesters demand were equal to blackmailing him.

Public Showing Disappointment from Imran Khan

Such a callousness and cold behavior made even Khan’s supporters mad it him.

Many PTI supporters appeared disappointed in their leader after he called the request from Hazaras blackmailing. People were questioning how could young and innocent kids who would never be able to see their father could be the blackmailers.

supposedly, the people who supported Imran khan in elections are now turning their backs on him after he allegedly turned his back on the Hazara community. They believe that the Prime Minister was now unworthy of their respect. 

People who once called Khan their leader, are now facing the biggest disappointment of their life. In their view, electing him was a big mistake that they cannot take back. The voters of the PM are the ones to be ashamed of themselves for making him the authority to run the country. 

Offended Supports Call Khan Pakistani Trump

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and former cricketer made many of his devotees upset by his recent statement regarding the protesters of Quetta. Reportedly, some of them expressed their disappointment in him by stating that PM was like the Donald Trump of Pakistan. By this, they presumably meant that khan will destroy the Country like Trump was ruining his. His lack of efforts is doing no good to Pakistan, instead, the country is facing utter consequences as a result of his decisions. 

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