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New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Gets Trolled On Social Media

The new WhatsApp privacy policy of 2021 is becoming a major cause of puns against the widely used messaging app. Numerous reactions from the users confirm their unfulfillment of expectations from WhatsApp. They started sharing memes on how the new policy was a factor playing a crucial role in exposing their private data to Facebook. 

What New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Is All About? 

As per views from the users of the widely used messaging app, the tech giant played a dirty trick on its users by coming up with an update that shares their personal information with Facebook. Besides, this isn’t the only concern of users; the major apprehension that people are facing is that they are bound to provide their data to the application. In other words, the globally used messaging application will not allow the users to proceed with chats and calls if they don’t agree to the new updated policy.

The messenger has been in highlights due to its updates and policies. As per its previous update, old phones with limitations in terms of upgradation, won’t be eligible for using the app: i.e., WhatsApp will not work on outdated smartphones.    

Telegram over WhatsApp 

As per social media users and media reports, plenty of WhatsApp users are considering telegram as a replacement of WhatsApp since they supposedly find it more secure than their current messenger. Several individuals even posted funny memes on social media to reflect their perception about switching to the Telegram messaging application. 

As far as the public is concerned about their privacy, they are not entirely wrong, presumably. In reference to their worries, WhatsApp is listed among the Tech Giants that have been accused of using user’s private data to accomplish their goals by the Federal Trade Commission, USA. 

Public Reactions on WhatsApp Privacy Policy

For some social media crawlers, the new WhatsApp privacy policy is quite amusing since they are portraying their views regarding the whole notion in the form of memes. Because Facebook is WhatsApp’s parent company, numerous entities find it insignificant for WhatsApp to share their data with its associated company. Also, these people funnily expressed their discernment regarding the whole concept. 

In addition, the updated WhatsApp privacy policy has allegedly offended people as well. However, the users expressed anger humorously on social media.

Elon Musk, the Tesla founder also reacted to the fact that many people are going crazy over the new policy idea by the messing application. He presented an alternate evidently in order to divert people from their old messenger towards a new one. The space giant suggested the application, Signal which is also an encrypted messenger to call, send messages, voice notes, images, and videos. 

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