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5 Pods and Vapes to Use for Quitting Cigarettes

Smoking is a hazardous habit and harmful to health, but people smoke cigarettes worldwide since they are habitual to jeopardize their lungs and other organs. However, Pipes, Hookah, cigarettes, and some other tobacco-containing material is getting out of fashion due to the addition of Pods and vapes. It is not like smokers are leaving cigarettes behind, but those who want to quit smoking cigarettes are moving towards electronic devices to fulfil their nicotine needs. Reportedly, Vapes and Pod devices contain only nicotine and are clean of other dangerous materials like tar and tobacco, which congest the lungs. 

Why Pods and Vapes Are Becoming a New Trend Among Smokers?

Today, vape shops and vendors are ubiquitous, and they sell the devices legally and openly in many countries. Apparently, the smoking community with the urge to quit cigarettes find pods and vapes a better way to cut down on nicotine and tobacco intake. According to reports, many people have already shifted to the technologically induced cigs for which they are willing to spend more money than they used to spend on cigarettes. 

Another reason to shift towards Vapes and Jules is the taste and fashion. To smoke using the devices, the community buys flavours with nicotine according to their needs. That means they can control the nicotine level as per their daily requirement. Most pod users say that they no longer crave cigs due to their addiction to electronic ones. Some mentioned that they are free of the cig smell and can enjoy smoking more than ever. The question here is what sort of devices vaping community prefers to stay away from tar and tobacco. 

Best Pod Devices to Use

If people try to search about the pods, they will find a sea of electric things that will be suitable for them as per their nicotine requirement. However, according to the consumers, some vapes and Jules are the best. 

Nord 4

Nord 4 is a multicolour device used for sub-ohm smoking since the coil is replaceable. It is an 80 watts electronic device that pod users can use to smoke. Also, the 2000 Mah battery makes it a long-lasting smoking machine. Nord 4 is suitable for those who want to intake a rich amount of nicotine as they can consume up to 50mg.  

Voopoo Drag Nano 2

Voopoo Drag nano 2 is the latest pod that offers big tank capacity. It is one of the vapes that is used for both clouding and nicotine intake. That means the consumers can use it either for just making huge clouds of smoke without consuming a large quantity of nicotine or have juices with more than 25mg Nic-salt. As some nano users know, the device is smooth and provides good buzz. Interestingly, nano 2 comes with type-c charging ports and cables for fast charging. Lastly, the metallic body with multiple shades is another feature that impresses many smokers. 

Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime pod kit

The latest iteration of the Caliburn series has been popular since the first-ever Caliburn was introduced. New Koko is equipped with a 690mAh built-in battery. Also, the 15watt output makes it a perfect Nic-juice device. The features of the Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime pod kit are advanced in a way that It can be converted into a Pod and a vape. Users can replace the coils which will be used for the cloud. 

VOOPOO Vinci Pod Kit 

VOOPOO Vinci Pod Kit is a stylish digital 40w vaping model with an internal 1500 Mah battery. Smokers call it a clouding machine since it produces the smoke like a chimney. Other than that, the multi-shaded design makes it look appealing. If people want to buy a good-looking and advanced pod/mod, they can go for VOOPOO Vinci Pod Kit. 

Voopoo Drag X

Voopoo Drag X is the 80 watts Mod Pod kit that is considered to be the best one among the pods with a duplicity of features. The device is used for both puffing and inhaling. Drag x has a 6ml tank, which is significant for smokers to have a large quantity of juice. The design is made of metal and leather and has a replaceable single 18650 battery. The 80 watts give the smokers better and more flavorful clouds. 

Not For Under 18

The world is full of dangerous drugs that people get addicted to, like that killer cocaine in Argentina which killed at least 20 consumers. However, vaping through pods and e-cigarettes don’t come under the category of drugs but are still considered addictive. Thus, those under 18 should avoid such things at all costs. These devices have become a fashion symbol, which is why not only nicotine consumers but also kids use these tools to look cool.

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