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Prince George First Day at School

Prince George arrives for the first time to his school. The institute’s administration maintains that he will not get any special treatment. Furthermore, reports suggest that the tuition fee will cost a princely £18,000 per year.

Prince George’s Dad Accompanies Him to School

Prince George went with his father to his school. He was wearing a John Lewis uniform, holding his father’s hand. Furthermore, the uniform consists of a jacket, long red socks, navy shorts and black shoes. Like any other British Royal Family event, this also could not go unnoticed. Dozens of fans of the British Royal Family were waiting outside to see him go to school for the first day.

Kate Middleton is suffering from morning sickness, because of which her husband had to drop their son to school.

Prince George Following His Father and Uncle

The prince is attending a preparatory school as his father and uncle have attended other preparatory schools in the past. Prince Harry and Prince Williams were also photographed on their first days going to the school.

Notable Alumni of Thomas’s Battersea

The well-known alumni of Thomas’s Battersea include Cara Delevingne, an actress and a model, Charlotte Ritchie, the actor from Fresh Meat, and Florence Welch, a pop singer.

to Respect Royal Family’s Privacy

Prince GeorgePrince William asked the media organizations in advance to respect his family’s privacy. Therefore, on Prince George’s first day at school, there was one photographer and one cameraman present.

Prince Williams wants to keep the life of his family as much private as possible. Royal Family has made several complaints to Independent Press Standards Organization in the past.

Therefore, it is very different for him to what his father experienced on his first day at the school. On his first day there were many media persons in attendance.

About Thomas’s Battersea

He is attending the Thomas’s Battersea in Battersea High Street of London. It is an educational institute meant for the young children aged between four and thirteen years of age. The institute’s website says that the most important rule to follow is to be kind.

The institute teaches different interesting subjects to the students. The students attending Battersea High Street of London will learn subjects of Physical Education, Art, Music, French, ICT, and Drama.

Furthermore, the classes take place in three stages. Each stage of learning lasts for three years. The institute strongly emphasizes that its alumni must develop a sense of social responsibility to contribute towards society.

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