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Princess Haya- Wife of Sheikh Mohammad al Maktoum is Hiding in London

The ruling family of Dubai is once again in the spotlight. This time it is for Princess Haya the sixth wife of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammad al Maktoum who is hiding in London and reportedly fighting the legal battle in High Court with her husband.

Why Princess Haya Fled Dubai

Till not much is known about the actual reason of Princess Haya’s hiding in London. The Jordan born princess who is also the half-sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah is British educated. She is now believed to be living in a $107m worth house in Kensington Palace.

According to media reports, Haya bint Hussein has possibly fled Dubai due to feud with her husband who posted a poem on social media about some anonymous woman’s betrayal.

Dubai royal had reportedly applied for asylum in Germany earlier.

Connection with Case of Sheikha Latifa

It’s not been so long since Sheikh Mohammad al Maktoum’s daughter Sheikha Latifa made news for fleeing Dubai with a Frenchman and then being escorted back. Human rights activists had said her return an abduction as it was again her will. UAE later issued a video in which princess Latifa stated that she was safe at her home.

Apparently, there doesn’t seem any connection of Princess Latifa with Sheikha Latifa who is one of the 23 children of Dubai’s billionaire ruler. But according to a BBC report, Arab royal is hiding in the UK as she may have known some disturbing facts about the return of Sheikha Latifa and she also fears meeting the same fate.

According to the latest reports no official statement has come from UAE or its embassy regarding this incident till now.

What Could be Possible Consequences

Interestingly Princess Haya not only belongs to UAE’s royal family but also to Jordan’s royal family. Both countries have good ties with the UK too. But any escalation of the scenario that now seems to be a purely family matter can turn a political bringing some harsh consequences. For now, speculating any outcome is not as easy as the exact details of the matter are not public

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