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Another Video of Priya Prakash Varrier Goes Viral

There seems no end to the popularity of winking sensation Priya Prakash Varrier as another video of her goes viral. This time, social media star shared a video on Instagram that received 0.8 million views within seven hours.

So, what was so surprising in the magical video of the South Indian beauty?

Priya Prakash Varrier’s Viral Video

Well, the latest viral video of Priya Prakash doesn’t feature a wink powerful enough to make a guy blush. This time it is Priya’s walk on Cherai Beach in Kochi district of Kerala. The video features the actress wearing a blue shirt with an orange bottom and taking leisurely strolls on the beach water. But, it is the music of the song from her Malayalam movie Oru Adaar Love that makes the video a worth watch.

Her viral video clip proves that the girl is not only capable of enthralling through her wink, but mesmerizing the audience through her walk, or perhaps it is the magic of the song playing in the background. Her charming face and reason of the popularity apart, Priya Prakash Varrier’s social media memes are already contributing a fair share to the entertainment world.

Winking Sensation Beats the Mark Zuckerberg

Gaining 8 lac views on a video within 7 hours of posting it also makes sense, given the massive fan following of Priya Prakash. The winking girl has now more than 4.5 million Instagram followers, while Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has only 4 million followers on the photo-sharing platform. Further Priya Prakash gained these millions of followers within few days, while it took seven years for the Facebook founder to cross the 4 million followers mark on Instagram. Achievement of such a massive target by Priya was not unexpected, as the actress had gained more than 600 k followers within the first day of her winking video becoming viral.

Inhale courage, Exhale fear.✨ Pc: @seny_p_arukattu

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Priya who has now successfully established herself as a social media celebrity has more than 3 lac, 16.1 thousand, and 4.5 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram respectively.

The south Indian actress’ video even surpassed the Kohli and Anushka wedding that ruled the social media in last month of 2017.

Priya Prakash as Future Bollywood star

According to media reports, Priya Prakash has received offers from the Bollywood producers. Given her massive popularity, no wonders why filmmakers want to cast her. Whether Priya will succeed in making a mark as an actress is a matter of future. But, she has set an example of how aspiring actors don’t necessarily need to look towards the big screen for getting recognition. Now, is the time for social media and streaming media. Players need to acquaint themselves enough with the new playing field and rules of the game.

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