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Here Is What PSL Opening Ceremony 2022 Going to be Like

Pakistan super league is near, and preparations are already in place to welcome the audiences. The seventh edition of PSL will begin at Karachi national stadium, where the festivities will occur before the matches. The reports say that there will be celebrities, including Atif Aslam and Aima Baig performing the anthem for the viewers. A few other entertainment packages will also spread magic for the audience. Other than that, there is a piece of news roaming around the internet that PCB has announced a low-scale ceremony to avoid covid threats and maintain financial stability. Also, PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja will begin the ceremony by opening up about the events and details regarding the matches.

Performers of the PSL opening ceremony 2022

A huge musical performance will likely take place at the PSL opening ceremony 2022. Atif Aslam and Aima Baig, who sang the PSL 7 anthem “Agay Dekh”, will sing the song before the crowd. Pakistan super league’s official Twitter post confirmed that a few exciting things are going to happen right before the teams play their first match. The post advised the visitors to come early so that they could witness the curtain-raiser as well.

Curtain Raiser and Paragliding

PSL 7 has already disclosed that singers will sing to excite the crowd. However, the reports say that the PSL opening ceremony 2022 will showcase some other activities too. The public’s expectations seem high since the PSL 6 opening ceremony started with Naseebo Lal and Atif’s stunning performance. Thus, people are expecting the same madness. This time, foreign paragliders will perform stunts and acrobatics for the audience. Other than that, there will be curtain-raising, which symbolizes the beginning of the mega event, i.e., the festivals and matches. However, the board hasn’t disclosed anything else that the mentioned events.

No Extravagant Ceremony

Despite the show’s hype and disclosed imminent events, the Pakistan cricket board (PCB) announced that the PSL opening ceremony in 2022 would not be extravagant. The board will have a low-budget opening which is referred to as “curtain-raiser”. The reason for not holding a grand ceremony is the increased number of coronavirus cases as well as the franchises’ rigidness towards
offering a good expenditure margin, reportedly.

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