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Public Celebrates Iqbal Day From Offices, Schools And Colleges!

While Iqbal was concerned about the young Muslim generation, this generation is worried about Iqbal day holiday! Everyone wanted to spend this day sleeping and dreaming about how they are going to just care about their relaxation rather than considering the importance of work this day actually! But Hats off to Prime Minister Imran Khan who ignored Shaheens of Iqbal and worked upon Iqbal’s ideology of a developed Pakistan. So First Of all Happy 141 Birthday Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the poet of our nation.

Iqbal Day Celebration and Significance

Allama Muhammad Iqbal is the most well known subcontinental poet when it comes to delivering the ideology of peace, strength, and unity of a nation. His poetry is not only for the generation his era but his art is mortal for all the eras and generation in subcontinent especially, Pakistan. Iqbal was the first person who took forward the Ideology of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and saw the dream of Pakistan.


Tribute To Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)

We as a nation who think that he was the one who saw the dream of Pakistan and contributed equally in the development of this state from the power and light of his strong poetry and absolutely courageous words. From him, the most important thing was religion and thing which become a hurdle between human and his religion at that time were the presence of two nations with different ideologies together. That is the reason why most of his poetry is about the presence and the importance of religion in man’s life.

Proud Of Nation

Not only in Pakistan but all around the globe Iqbal’s poetry is recognized and Bang e Dara and Bal I Jibril is on the most authentic book of poetry in Persian written by Iqbal. These book has been translated into many languages. Moreover, a street was named after Iqbal in Heidelberg, Germany where he studied German in 1907.

But Public Regrets Holiday On Iqbal Day

But Pakistan’s Public seems more interested in holidays then keeping up his ideology in mind.  So all the disappointed people stated responding over twitter regarding No holiday on 9th November!

We need to keep the words of Spiritual Fathe of Pakistan in mind and instead of waiting for the holiday we need to spend more hours working on this day what say?

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