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Atif Aslam Gets Trolled for Not Lifting Pakistani Flag In NYC Concert

Twitterati slams Pakistani singer Atif Aslam for his allegedly unpatriotic behavior. Recently, a news went viral on social media that Atif who performed at an NYC concert on the eve of Pakistan Day Parade in the United States refused to lift Pakistani flag.

Atif Aslam Faces Allegation of Being Unpatriotic

On Pakistani Twitter, everyone seemed to be arguing on Atif Aslam’s patriotism for singing Indian songs on Pakistan Day Parade in an NYC concert. And singing the Indian songs is not the only wrongdoing on his part, they are also accusing him of showing an unpatriotic attitude by refusing to hold Pakistani flag.

Here is what Twitterati has to say on Atif Aslam’s alleged exhibit of unpatriotism in an NYC concert. think him not to be sane enough slammed him for disgracing Pakistani flag.

Atif’s NYC Concert Ignites A Debate

The said NYC concert of Atif Aslam sparked a debate on Twitter. People are arguing if he did any such thing, or it is merely a fake news. And, there are those who are asking to refrain from the acts of judging someone’s patriotism and doing any unnecessary propaganda to target a celebrity unfairly. came up with a  proof of Atif Aslam’s patriotism.

And, those saying that rumors were fake.

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