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Is Resident Evil Series Netflix 2022 Casting Ahad Raza Mir?

Many Pakistani actors are making headlines for their work on international platforms. This time it is Ehd e Wafa actor who is going to play a role in Resident Evil Series Netflix 2022. Previously, Humayoun Saeed had been cast in Netflix’s famous series The Crown which tells the tale of the British royal family.

All About Resident Evil Series Netflix 2022

The upcoming Resident Evil Series Netflix 2022 is a byproduct of a video game company, capcom’s Resident evil games. Reportedly, the season has a similar genre that justifies the live-action and gothic nature of the series but it is coming with a different storyline. Mostly, the games based films and shows encompass the same plots as the games. However, the Resident Evil franchise is taking a rather different approach. Social media users are admiring the fact that they will be able to watch versions of game characters in a series. So far, either the franchise or Netflix hasn’t disclosed the scenes and trailer but the speculations indicate a mixture of supernatural, thrill, and action sequences. The only thing confirmed about the show is its release date which is July 14.

Ahad Raza Mir and Other Characters in Resident Evil

The reports have confirmed that south Asian and Canadian actor, Ahad Raza mir is going to be a part of the Netflix original series. However, many are suspecting that the news is merely a rumour since Netflix hasn’t confirmed it. Other than that, the Pakistani renowned actor is currently shooting for a Pakistani comedy movie ‘Hum Tum’.

Other than Mir’s unknown role in the Resident Evil Series Netflix 2022, the defined cast is all set to become suitable series characters. This includes Lance Reddick who will be characterized as Albert Wesker. Other cast members are Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Ella Balinska, and Paola Nuñez.

Animated Vs Live-Action

The upcoming Resident Evil Series Netflix 2022 is all over the internet for several reasons. For Pakistani fans, it might be seeing their favourite local actor in action but for international fans, it could be a diverse plot and storyline. There is another factor that is probably confusing the fans of Resident Evil. In 2020, Netflix announced an animated series on Resident Evil game along with the official trailer. The name of the series was Resident evil: Infinite Darkness which included game characters becoming a part of a season. People are wondering whether both animated and live-action series is going to be similar or not. Reportedly, the live-action version is all about an entirely different setting, concept, and scene sequencing. The animated series is on Netflix but in order to differentiate between the two, viewers need to wait till the live-action one is released.

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