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Clips from Old Saif Ali Khan interview Go Viral

Funny clips from an old Saif Ali Khan interview have gone viral on social media. Movie fans fell in love with the actor all over again for his looks and views. It appeared that Chote Nawab was in a playful mood while answering the questions from 2 anchors. He said some things about poetry, exercise, films, and personal favorites. Particularly, his views about poetry caught the attention of social media users. They shared the parts of the complete interview, which they called “trippy”.

Even though the interview later becomes a bit serious but, in the beginning, it had a hint of sarcasm which pulled the interest of the viewers.

Saif Ali Khan Interview Reveals his Views about Poetry

When the anchors asked the Race star about whether he liked poetry, he mentioned that he liked Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Mirza Ghalib but suddenly laughed and retracted his statement by saying he was talking rubbish. Nawab was being sarcastic at first but he explained it was not his age to read such stuff and said his parents liked Faiz and Ghalib.

Mirza Ghalib was a Persian/Urdu Poet from the Mughal Empire during the time of the British Raj in the subcontinent. His poetry often depicted life as a continuous struggle till the end. Before Ghalib, poetry was somewhat limited to pleasures and perils of love but Ghalib’s touch of philosophy, pain, and mystery expanded the scope of poetry altogether.

Faiz on the other hand came around 40 years after Ghalib. His style was largely left-wing and revolutionary Urdu poetry. Faiz did pick up romantic poetry where Ghalib left it but mainly focused on the political ideology of socialism.

Those youngsters seeking to learn poetry might have been confused at what they heard in Saif Ali Khan interview.

How is Relatable for so Many?

Fans of the Nawab seem to have a newfound love for the actor. They felt that Saif became even more loveable after his remarks. By saying he doesn’t like poetry, he may have related to the feelings of the young generation. It seemed that many felt the same way about poetry as Saif did. This is why they were so obsessed with the Saif Ali Khan interview.

Saif also answered about his activities during free time in a way that sounded funny to some folks. He said that he mostly slept and kept on reading books because there was nothing to do. Viewers felt that it was just like their own lives during the lockdown time.

Why Was it so Funny?

Some felt that this Sail Ali Khan interview looked so funny because the star may have acting weird or not prepared for the questions. There are many reasons for celebrities to be uncomfortable during the interviews but the Twitter folks were not afraid to make their imaginations run wild. They thought that the actor was probably enjoying the “trip” so the viewers also enjoyed it.

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