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E3 2021 Brings Exciting Showcases from Gaming Platforms

E3 2021 is going to be all digital this year since the threat of the Covid 19 virus is haunting the world. The good news for video game lovers is that the mega event has become a host for gaming shows. This means the gamers will get to hear the announcement regarding certain high-profile games, their release dates and probably get to witness an early gameplay video. In 2020, The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) canceled the entire event to avoid any unwanted chaos during the coronavirus pandemic. This year, the platforms will host their own events digitally. This means that spectators will be able to watch it on live streaming sites including YouTube and Twitch.

E3 2021 Participants 

Starting from June 12th the shows begin with the most entertaining E3 2021 showcases. The big publishers including Devolver Digital, Capcom, Enix Square, Xbox, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Take-Two Interactive, and others are set to present their future plans in the world of gaming. The five most popular stations including Summer Game Fest, Koch Media Showcase, IGN Expo, Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft Forward, and Xbox and Bethesda Games will be highlights of the show PlayStation on the other hand has been busy with its State of Play presentation, which is why its participation isn’t confirmed yet. Other than that, EA will not be joining the gaming community because of its EA Play event which will begin its ceremonies on July 22.

Summer Game Fest 

The occasion was supposed to start on June 9 but the association postponed it. Some of its functions have already started as the whole event is going to be online. The summer game fest is already in progress and the event initiated on June 10. Its events are posted on YouTube so that the audience can know the details of what’s coming. The event will cover the dates and important announcements regarding the publishers’ creations. Reportedly, the band Weezer is also a part of its charms to entertain the audience.

Koch Media Showcase 

Koch media’s starting date is June 11. This year, the platform has brought something else rather than its biggest achievements i.e. Its high-profile games. One of its developers stated that they will not engage the audience with the announcement of what ultra-efficient games they are going to bring. Instead, it is going to show something different, a site with the title ‘we know something you don’t know’ to inform them about a new update.

IGN Expo

IGN Expo is associated with the summer of gaming season and it will be entering E3 2021 on June 11 with the news of some fresh games. Interestingly, IGN is announcing the new arrivals. In other words, such videogames that are recently created or are under development. People will watch the announcement on the social channels of IGN, YouTube, and Twitch.

Ubisoft Forward

Reportedly, Ubisoft Forward will give fans updates on some of the highly anticipated sequels of upcoming games of 2021. Fans can expect announcements about the games including Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed, and certain others that fit into the sequel category. The admirers of Ubisoft are curious about the streaming platforms to see if their favorite games are being released or not. The reason is that the Forward hasn’t confirmed any site yet but the show might be aired on YouTube, Twitch, or the official website of Ubisoft Forward. 

Xbox and Bethesda Games

On the 13th of June, Bethesda and Microsoft will entertain the audience with its 90 minutes showcase at the E3 2021. The show will cover all the mainstream as well as special features of Xbox. The gaming company will reveal the upcoming releases on Xbox game pass, new holiday games on the device. Most importantly, the gamers will get to know about the imminent projects and games in making as a byproduct of Xbox and Bethesda association. 

What are The Other Platforms to Join E3 2021

Almost all the big names including Square Enix, Warner Bros, Future Games, Capcom, and many others will present the world with their achievements. They will reveal what new games will rule the hearts of the gamers. Razer and some other tech companies will also share and express their ideas about the newly created tech machines including laptops, mobiles, and gadgets. 

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