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Top 5 Sequels of Upcoming Games Of 2021 that Gamers Are Eager to Play

The trend of 4k and high-resolution graphic gaming has inspired a huge number of people to play video games. Today, these games are not just a kid’s entertainment thing but individuals from almost every age group like to be a part of virtual reality. Now, gamers like to try new games along with the sequels and better versions of their favorite ones. Thus, many game lovers have been excitedly waiting for some of the upcoming games of 2021. These impressive games are going to make the players enjoy the sequels of their favorite video games. 

Most Anticipated Upcoming Games Of 2021

Several new arrivals are due in 2021; however, there are certain games that video gamers want to play right away. These movies are listed below. 

Hitman 3

The name hitman is the biggest spoiler since it gives particular information regarding the concept of the game. Other than that, the new Hitman 3 revives the memory of previous Hitman games. However, the latest part is coming with some of the new and exciting features. To put it simply, this masterpiece justifies the word innovation, as its graphics, missions, ability to use gadgets, and of course, the upgraded and intense agent 47 are the reasons for it becoming the most awaited game. The release date of this epic piece is January 20th 

Far Cry 6

The Far Cry series is one of the most hyped among the open-world action games. Every part reveals a special element that becomes the attraction factor of that game. Similarly, Far cry 6 is also introducing someone familiar along with some new features. The game is showing Gian Carlo Despacito, a character from the popular tv series Breaking Bad. It seems like he is adapting the same habits in the game as he had in the show. 

Resident Evil Village- One of the Upcoming Games of 2021 to Look To

All the Resident Evil parts have been famous to give chills to the players because of the action-horror combination as a genre. As per several gamers, the expectations are even higher with the latest version. Resident Evil village will be released in April 2021. 

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is the best game for racing lovers and for those who are into classic supercars. The new Turismo 7 is one of the most difficult games since it requires expert driving skills as it is just like a simulator. The game is an advanced version of its previous parts because of new cars, maps, and several other features.  

Horizon West Forbidden

The main character, Aloy is about to meet new adventures, unpredictable circumstances, and threats in the newest version of Horizon. The new part is going to be launched in June on PS5. The Game is believed to be one of the most anticipated among the upcoming game of 2021. 

What Are The Other Best Games Coming In 2021? 

Here are Some of the best games for Pc and other gaming boxes: 

Hogwarts Legacy 

Death loop

The Medium 

Ratchet And Clank 

Ghostwire: Tokyo

God Of War Ragnarok 

 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Gotham Nights 


Monster Hunter Rise 

Psychonauts 2 

New World 

It Takes Two 

Riders Republic 

Destruction All Stars


Skull And Bones 


These listed movies are the upcoming games of 2021 and the ones that gamers have been waiting since the beginning of 2020. 

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