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Three Most Difficult Games That Require Expert Gaming Skills

For a gamer, it is extremely important to play high-performance games that require constant attention and advanced skills. There are plenty of easy games for non-gamers. Nonetheless, there are also those games that put players in tricky situations; for instance Resident evil, Far cry, Days gone, and so on. However, this article is going to give you the three most difficult games that can throw gamers under depression, pun intended. These games have the charisma in terms of their super difficulty level. It will not be wrong to say that in order for a player to play these games, a gamer should have a good sense of focus and extraordinary gaming skills. 

GETTING OVER IT is one of the most Difficult Games 

If anyone thinks of him/her as a great gamer, maybe he/she should try playing Getting over it. The game looks like a piece of cake but it sure as hell is a dare to complete. The phenomenon is simple; all a player needs to do is move the man with his ax. Well, that is the actual difficult thing to do because the gamer is bound to move the character by using just a mouse or the touchpad. There are no other keys that can help in making the game easy. 

The difficulty of the game constantly increases since the player is to go through plenty of stages. The most irritating part is that, if the character is dropped, the gamer will have it all over again. The game was designed to test the gaming skill of so-called gamers. 

Pro Tip: When you start playing any video game whether difficult or easy make sure the available devices have a functional hardware, be it a PC or something related to improving latency in PS4.

Dragon’s Dogma

If any gamer is fond of action games and hasn’t found the perfect yet the hardest game ever to play, he might consider playing Dragon’s Dogma. The game is a master of testing reflexes, focus, and skills of a player. Has anyone wondered how it would like to fight a dragon that breaths fire. No? Then Dragon’s Dogma is the right game for those who fancy playing such games. 

The game is all about adventure, fighting the monsters in order to resolve the quests, and testing one’s gaming patterns and skills.  The game requires strategic planning and skill set to survive the missions. It is similar to those movies, which involve dragon hunting, Monster killing, and exploring dangerous places to complete a quest. 

The game is based on the main character and his companions. They help him in different and crucial situations but the game is in the hands of the player. Simply put, the gamer will be using his skills to get through the difficult missions of the game.  

Dark Souls

Most of the games are designed to indulge a player in crucial situations so that he/she can enjoy getting out of those problematic circumstances. Many games work on the principle of different aspects and genres. However, if one wants to experience every single aspect including, horror, action, thrill, strategy, etc. Dark souls is the game for such a gamer.

The game starts in a horrifying setting, which gives an idea of what the game is like. Interestingly, the best part about Dark souls is that it is unpredictable. A player is unknown to the intimidations he is going to encounter. The creatures in the game won’t let the player think about their moves. A good gamer relies on his reflexes and skills while solving the terrifying mysteries in the game. A player doesn’t know when he is going to face attacks from the monsters in the game. Similarly, the unidentified pattern of such monsters makes it hard for the gamer to predict what is coming. Perhaps this makes it one of the most difficult games. Furthermore, the game has the perfect background music that also helps in keeping the player involved with the situation. 

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