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The Best Games for PC that Even Non Gamers Can Play

Here are the best games for pc which are especially for the people who are not good in games but they are good at passing their time in the most important way. These are not only simple and entertaining but also easy to understand.

Featured Best Games for PC Are Purely Choice Based

The best games for pc are not only those that challenge gaming skills but also those that can challenge a person’s decision making skills.

Everyone faces some moments in their life that induce palpitation. In these moments, people have to make a difficult choice against time. Here are the games that build a connection between the player and the characters. This particular relationship drives the choices player makes.

Three Amazing Games by Quantic Dreams

  • Beyond: Two Souls

An amazing psychological thriller that features amazing voice acting and performances from Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe of Hollywood. Player takes on the role of Jodie Holmes (Page) who is spiritually connected to an entity from “beyond”. Player’s actions in the game determine Jodie’s fate as she faces danger, threat, and loss in her remarkable life.

  • Heavy Rain

This is a game that must be played by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Heavy rain is set in rain-soaked city of America with a serial killer on the loose. The drama is experienced through the perspectives of 4 different characters who have their own reasons to stop the killer.

It is up to the player to decide how the story plays out. That also means that make wrong decision—and someone may wind up dead. Causing the killer to roam free. Nobody wants that.

The game was exclusively launched for Sony PlayStation in 2010 but it was again released on XBox and PC in 2019. Good news for the players facing network and latency issues in PS4.

  • Detroit: Become Human

A masterpiece set in a near-future city of Detroit that is divided between Human and Androids. It’s a neo-noir thriller inspired by a short story called “Kara”.

When an unexplained event causes Androids to exhibit strange behavior and signs of emotion. This causes fear and panic among the public, much like COVID-19 pandemic. The game constantly jolts the player with stunning visuals, incredible voice acting, and critical decisions based on life, freedom, and morality.

The player often finds asking himself that, “are they just machine or another living being?” In most stories, even human characters are not written so deeply. This is why game will always be among the best games for pc of all time.

The Best Story Driven Games Ever

  • Life Is Strange & Life Is Strange 2

It seems like Dontnod Entertainment has put all the feelings (including cringe) inside these two masterpieces.

Life is Strange is a story of two teenage friends living in a quiet seaside town. The game is surely meant to make a player cry because of profound messages regarding issues young adults face in daily life. Just like the two girls, a player will be unable to control his emotions from scattering all over the place.

The sequel is equally heartbreaking, probably more so than the first. This is story of two brothers who were forced to embark on a journey after an uneventful day.

There are unique mechanisms in both titles that further drive the player choices such as time travel and telekinesis, which adds to the fun as well. It is the main thing that makes these two the best games for pc in this quarantine period.
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