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The US Wants Social Media Details from Visa Applicants

The State Department in the US now wants visa applicants to share their social media details of the last five years. Besides the social media details, the State Department also wants access to biographical information for the past fifteen years.

Ever since Donald Trump came to power, visa application procedures have become a lot more rigorous. During the first few weeks of his tenure, Donald Trump has proven to be a strong US President.

Why Need Social Media Details?

US Wants Social Media Details from Visa ApplicantsThe State Department wants to review information in email addresses, social media accounts, and phone numbers. State Department will require social media details from foreigners who want to attain US visa.

The requisite of sharing social media details is another measure by the Trump Administration to improve screening of immigrants and visitors.

US State Department Seeks Public Opinion

Although the State Department says, it seeks public comments on the new requirements. The State Department will request a temporary implementation of this order for 180 days. The new requirement of finding these details will take effect from May 18th, 2017. And you guessed it right, it will not matter what the public will say about this new requirement.

Actual Impact on Visa Applicants

The order may seem to have an overwhelming impact on visa applicants, but State Department does not agree. These stringent US visa application requirements will apply to individuals identified for extra scrutiny. An estimate by the State Department reveals that around 65,000 or 0.5 percent of all US visa applications will have an affect.

Interestingly, the State Department will ask individuals to provide details of their Social Media handles. The access to the social media details will be required for accounts used during the last five years.  The State Department further said that it would not breach any privacy controls.

Immigration officials last year did ask for social media details from foreign individuals comes to the US. However, at that time, there were no such requirements shared upfront as a prerequisite.

Wait, There Is More!

Yes, you read it right, you do not just have to give social media details. The State Department will also ask for travel and work history for the last fifteen years. The persons under scrutiny will also provide information on siblings, children, and partners and spouses (previous and current).

Well, the State Department thinks that just social media details are not enough. The suspicious travelers will have to dish out more information.

Failure of Technology for Evaluation of Social Media Detail

It is not easy to assess details of thousands of people. A recent report by DHS concluded that the automated technology used for assessment is not successful. The technology needs human assistance to become successful at evaluating social media details for evaluation of visa applications.

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