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Here Is Everything You Need to Know About T20 World Cup Groups

Recently, The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the final date for the upcoming matches between the t20 world cup groups A and B. The selection of teams from the mentioned groups will join the super 12 and compete in the final matches. BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) will initiate and host the big sports event on October 17 in Oman and UAE.  The group stage matches are going to be much exciting for the cricket fans, particularly those from the sub-continent.

T20 World Cup Groups Schedule

A total of four groups is in action to play the big event. The matches between Group A and B will decide the teams of super 12 who will face each other in the finals. Both groups 1 and 2 have been selected based on rankings. 

As far as the group A and B are concerned, these two t20 world cup groups will play matches. The super 12 will expect runner ups and winners from the group 1 and 2. The first group will fill its two spots with one winner from group A and one Runner up from group B. the second grouping will add a runner up from A group and a winner from B. 

Group 1 and 2

Four decided teams in group 1 include England, South Africa, Australia, and West Indies. These teams will compete with the second group once the slots are filled.

The amazing and most talked thing about the second group is that the teams that include Pakistan and India, who happens to be the former champions in the league along with New Zealand and Afghanistan. Pakistan and India, the two competitors that will compete will be sharing the same group. It seems obvious to the world now that Pakistan and India are meant to be rivals and will always face each other in the fields. 

Who Will Be the Finalists in Super 12

The teams in the t20 world cup groups, in the initial qualifying round that will face each other, are Sri Lanka, Ireland, Netherlands, Namibia in the group A. As for the B group, the cricket teams to have a face-off will be Oman, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, and Scotland. The fans are curious about the top two teams to enter the semi-finals. 

How Will ICC Cope with Covid 19 during T20 World Cup?

Fans, as well as athletes, are concerned about the rising cases of coronavirus in the world. The fourth wave of the virus has already started in multiple regions of the world. Previously, the 2021 PSL 6 return was postponed due to the increased number of cases in the country. Now that the t20 world cup groups are already decided and ready to begin the show in October, the increasing number of cases of Delta variant are likely to jeopardize the fate of the event. So far, the International Cricket Council hasn’t announced anything regarding the precautions against the deadly virus. Some people on social media opined that they are expecting to watch the matches without being worried about the pandemic but they are still curious and anxious about the worsening rate of exposed people. Some are stressing over the possibility of delay in the big event. 

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