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PSL 6 Return Is Uncertain Due To Rising COVID Cases

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced on Thursday, 4th March that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 6 has been delayed with immediate effect. Reportedly, 7 participants in the tournament, tested positive for coronavirus. The board claimed that it has taken this decision out of the health and safety concerns of the remaining participants. The affected will stay in isolation for 10 days but the PSL 6 return is not confirmed. The board will release further details later in the evening:

PCB decided to offer the SARS-coronavirus vaccine to all participants just a day earlier. Moreover, Islamabad United’s Fawad Ahmad was the first known COVID positive player. Names of the rest of the participants are not disclosed. There are reports that say one staff member is also COVID positive.

Cricket Fans Wait For PSL 6 Return

As important it was to postpone the competition, cricket fans did not like the idea. The tournament was a source of huge entertainment for the masses in these tragic times. Even its anthem caused joy and mayhem at the same time. They suggested banning the people responsible for violating safety protocols, instead of the whole tournament.

It is making the majority angry because they are not sure when will the matches of PSL 6 return.

International Players Going Back

There have been more than 585,000 sick in the country and 13,000 dead due to this pandemic. The international players, who were here for PSL have caught the virus as well.

PSL tournament was going safely and soundly before the first case, which was reported on 1st March. After that, a series of reports stressed that the virus could spread in the PSL. It has driven international players to consider going back. The future of the tournament is also uncertain as the board will decide whether PSL 6 return is possible.

How Many Matches Were Remaining?

Yesterday’s (3rd March) match between Quetta Gladiators and Multan Sultans was apparently the last till further notice. There were 20 more matches left for the tournament, according to the PSL 6 schedule. For now, PCB stated that it will focus on safe passage for all the participants and arrange more PCR tests. It also claimed to provide isolation and vaccination facilities to all 6 participating sides.

PSL has been delayed for the second consecutive season for the same reason. Just like last year, PSL 6 return also depends on the responsibility of involved participants in staying safe from the contraction.

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