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PCB Postponses PSL 2020 Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) has indefinitly postponed the PSL 2020. There were only two days left for knockout stages but PCB had to call off the tournament on the day of Semi-Final.

Anyone can imagine the state of Pakistani people at the moment:

As heartbreaking as it is, cricket fans have appreciated this decisions by PCB

There is nothing important than staying safe while virus in spreading unpredictably, so it was necessary to take this step.

PSL 2020 Postponed Indefinitely

Cricket spectators cannot ignore the fact that PSL matches have always offered joyful moments to the fans all over the world. Just like its predecessors PSL 2020 has been a source of amusement even in the pressing times when the world is fighting coronavirus epidemic.

People have tried to investigate the new dates for Semi-Final and Final but as PSL 2020 has been postponed indefinitely, we can safely assume that it is not happening anytime soon:

Results of the cricket game matter a lot to Pakistani fans and the way the tournament was going this year, everyone would agree with this guy:

But, the care for the players, coaches, and other officials was always there. This nation was not cruel enough to risk the team’s health for its own amusement.

Evaluating PCB’s decision to suspend PSL 2020

If the teams are healthy then a lot more games can be played in the future.

Fans also believe that matches should have been called off weeks ago. The tournament was not fun anymore without the crowd. Even players were not feeling like playing without the crowd. What is the point of contest sports without spectators?

PCB should have suspended the tournament before the virus started to spread uncontrollably in Pakistan.

Coronavirus Won PSL 2020

The Government of Pakistan and other departments including PCB are very late in deploying precautionary measures.

It was eminent for the virus to win in the end. There was not point in dragging the tournament through knockout stages.

It is to be noted that PSL 2020 is not the only event that has been called off. Sports events across the globe have been postponed to help control coronavrisu which can spread through individual to indivdual.

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