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Tamasha – Adnan Siddique Hosts Pakistani Version of Big Boss

Pakistani TV Channel ARY Digital has launched a new reality show, Tamasha, hosted by Adnan Siddiqui. It follows a similar pattern to Indian Big Boss, hosted by Salman Khan. The format is popularized by the Big Brother franchise that started in the Netherlands in 1999 and has since carried over to 62 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Greece, and Israel. Several African and Middle Eastern countries also have Big Brother.

The pattern tasks several contestants to co-exist with each other in a specially constructed house isolated from the rest of the world. These contestants are monitored through a CCTV system and voted out weekly until the last one standing wins the cash prize. It’s a new venture for Pakistan since most reality TV here looks like Pakistan Idol, Jeeto Pakistan, or Coke Studio. ARY’s show will follow the same pattern but with few changes.

Who are the Contestants in Tamasha Ghar?

Adnan Siddiqui opened the first episode with a flute before inviting 14 famous cum controversial Pakistani personalities. According to reports, actor, writer, producer, and comedian Rauf Lal is in the house to make everyone laugh. Joining him is the TV actress Maira Khan known for Bewafaa (2019), Cheekh (2019), and Jalan (2020). Popular model and TV actor Omar Shahzad is also here to win more hearts after his brilliant performances in dramas like Alif Allah or Insaan (2017), Mere Humsafar (2021), and as Sultan Nawab in Jawani Phir Nhi Ani 2 (2018). Moreover, Saeeda Imtiaz, who portrayed Jamima Goldsmith in the delayed film Kaptaan, is also in the Tamasha house. Other talented artists include singer Noman Javed, choreographer Nigah Jee, model and actress Humaira Asghar, Saim Ali, Faiza Khan, fitness trainer Seher Baig, and actor Umer Aalam.

Viewers’ Feedback on Changed Rules

All of this talent is locked inside the house with Adnan Siddiqi, who dictates what each contestant will be doing. They will only sleep, eat, or do other stuff, as Siddiqui says. However, the viewers have never seen the host of these isolated house games staying inside the house with guests. In Indian Big Boss, Salman Khan stays out of the house as the contestants compete. He only steps foot inside the house whenever it’s required by the script in special episodes. This way, there is a certain mystique around the host that viewers feel missing in Tamasha. The host is a regular sight for contestants and is often seen schooling the contestants. It was not intriguing for the fans as they would prefer to see them do their own thing without a daddy figure on their tail all the time. They opined that in this way, Siddiqui would not be able to command as much respect as he could by staying out of the house as a monitor.

Everything Has its Disadvantages

After watching the first few episodes of Tamasha, some viewers were not impressed on interested in watching the entire thing. However, others have decided to give it a go as they are excited about Pakistan’s own Big Boss, which also means this show is supposed to be silly. Reality TV fans are entertained by the misery of contestants as they share bittersweet moments, jokes, arguments, and pure animosity with each other. These things are the backbone of these shows and the reason for their popularity. Pakistani viewers are just glad that they could call one of these shows thier own from now on.

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