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Theresa May Hopeful on Brexit Bill Victory

Theresa May, the British PM aims to gather enough support to present a Brexit Bill. However, there have been apprehensions of this legislation seeing stiffer opposition before it becomes law. Will Theresa May be able to get the Brexit Bill victory for which she held the UK general elections this year?

Why Theresa May Has a Chance of Brexit Bill Victory?

The formation of a government with the support of DUP has brought both parties closer to each other. Similarly, there is no opposition from within the ruling party to win the election. Therefore, Theresa May might get the Brexit Bill victory with the support of Northern Ireland’s DUP.

What if Theresa May Gets Brexit Bill Victory?

If Theresa May gets the Brexit Bill victory, she will be able to copy the EU law into the UK’s domestic statute book. Once that happens, the legislation will become law as soon as the negotiations end.

Brexit Bill victoryThe Use of Henry VIII Powers

The Henry VIII Powers will become a bone of contention between the government and the opposition.

So What Are Henry VIII Powers?

Henry VIII Powers allow the MPs to make amends to the existing laws. However, by using these powers, they can bypass it from parliament’s routine scrutiny. The opposition parties accuse Conservatives of using Henry VIII as a “power grab.”

Conservative Government Warns Against Opposing the Brexit Bill

The government of Theresa May is advising opposition not to object the legislation. David Davis and Boris Johnson warned that voting against the Brexit Bill would cause a chaotic situation.

The Foreign Secretary, Johnson warned that if the legislation is met with opposition, it will result in a chaotic and disorderly exit from the EU.

Similarly, David Davis added the people of Great Britain favoring Brexit did not vote for confusion. Furthermore, he added that the parliament must respect the European Union Bill for Withdrawal.

The government wants Brexit Bill victory to give assurance to businesses as well as individuals. Furthermore, the Conservatives maintain that reassurance will give the message of no unexpected changes taking place in the bill.

Labour Party Members Supporting the Brexit Bill

The two lawmakers from Labour Party, Graham Stringer and Kate Hoey, are also supporting the Brexit Bill. They say that they will not support the party’s verdict on opposing the legislation. Similarly, Labour’s Former Minister for Europe, Caroline Flint, stated that she would also not obey her party’s decision.

Tony Blair Still Wants UK to Stay in the EU

No matter how awkward it may sound but Tony Blair sticks to his original campaign. He still wants that Britain remains in the European Union. Furthermore, he believes that by reducing the total number of immigrants to the UK, the government can satisfy those who voted in favor of the exist. Tony Blair also said that many of the senior politicians know the underlying consequences of Britain’s EU exit. However, he says that they are trapped because of the voters who favored to leave the single market access.

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