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How is Electricity Generated from Coal?

There are two different types of coal, metallurgical and thermal. The thermal coal has a lower content of carbon in it with more moisture. The metallurgical coal is mainly consumed for producing steel. Therefore, electricity generated from it is responsible for powering a significant part of the United States. How is coal mined for producing electricity? It is mined like every other mineral or natural resources.

The Uses of Coal Generated Electricity

The electricity generated from coal by a power station is used for different purposes. The coal produced from ancient plant material makes it the best for producing electricity. The electricity generated does have its impact on the environment. Therefore, it is not the most recommended way of generating energy like in case of alternative energy sources. The renewable energy sources including wind, hydro electric, marine, and solar power offer cleaner alternatives. This power is used for include lighting, cooking, communication, farming, manufacturing, and healthcare.

The Process of Producing Electricity with Coal

Here is the process of electricity generation from it.

Step 1

A machine that has pulverizer grinds the coal to convert it into a powder.  

Step 2

Furthermore, the next step is mixing this powder with the hot air. This mixing with hot air ensures efficient burning. This mixture then goes into a furnace.

Step 3

It is used to heat the water in a boiler.

Step 4

The water in the boiler converts into steam. This steam then helps the electric generator go in motion, also known as a turbine. Thus, the electric generator uses the kinetic energy converted from heat to produce power.

Step 5

Once the turbine starts spinning, it rotates the magnets within the copper coil. The spinning of the turbine thus produces electricity.

Step 6

It is not the end of the process. The steam is cooled via a condenser to conserve the use of water. Similarly, the steam passing through the condenser turns back into water.

Step 7

Furthermore, the steam converted into water goes back to the boiler, and the process starts all over again.

Distribution of Electricity Generated from Coal

How is Electricity Generated from CoalOnce the power station produces electricity, it is sent to a transformer. Furthermore, this transformer steps up the voltage according to the distance the voltage has to travel. Therefore, the transmission lines attached to the transformer carry power to the substations. The transformers in these substations reduce the voltage as per the requirements of the local area. The whole process is lightning fast; the power reaches us as soon as we switch on any of our electrical appliances at home.

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