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Rumors of Theresa May Quitting Prime Minister’s Office

There are rumors of Theresa May leaving the Prime Minister’s office at the end of this month. Reports are suggesting that she has given the date of 30th August 2019 to leave the office. Theresa May knows the dwindling popularity of her party. Therefore, she is making every effort to win back approval ratings.

Theresa May Invite to Tory MPs

There are also reports that Theresa May invited 15 MPs at her home, serving them with homemade chocolates. The media outlets suggest she is trying to win support from her party.

In the midst of this controversy, around a dozen Conservative politicians have already signed a pledge, asking Theresa May to step down. However, the signatures fell way short of 48 to trigger a change in leadership at 10 Downing Street.

Denial of the Spokesperson

The spokesperson at 10-Downing Street denied that Theresa May had chosen a date to resign from the seat as Prime Minister. Furthermore, Theresa May called the snap elections in 2017 to get support for Brexit. However, her party could not muster the kind of support they were hoping to get. The lead up to the elections and the results improved the position of the Labour Party while weakening the Conservatives.

Challenges Faced by Theresa May

Here are the challenges Theresa May currently faces as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an irritant for many politicians around the world. Theresa May has tried her best not to confront with the US President. The opposition party’s Corbyn did not hide his dismay over Trump’s response to different global issues. Theresa May needs to take a tougher stance against Trump when defending the NATO alliance and other issues where the US President deviates from the popular word opinion.

Rumors of Theresa May Quitting Prime Minister’s OfficeBrexit Negotiations

The progress so far suggests that Brexit negotiations are going to be terrible for the UK. Hardliners on both sides of the table are making the process difficult to move forward. Furthermore, businesses are already wary of the rocky start to the negotiations. There is no clear time frame with disagreements on multiple issues.

Keep Her Party United

There is a leadership crisis in her party. Many in her party do not believe in her leadership qualities anymore. There has been a lot of talk about replacing her as the Prime Minister of the country. Therefore, she will have to fight the opposition from inside. She has to confront the challenges from inside as well as from the outside.

Controlling Terrorism

Unfortunate terrorism incidents are lately targeting Britain. The opposition parties criticize Theresa May for her police budget cuts, relating it to the problem of terrorism. Therefore, she would have to come up with strategies to overcome the radicalization of the Muslims. The failure of the government to act despites its knowledge of the radical ideologies of the terrorists involved, makes her government’s position very difficult to defend.

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