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Top 10 Latest Technology Trends 2017

There are a lot of latest tech gadgets and technologies that offer promising future for the human race. The best gadgets 2017 list is long, yet we will only see a few of them still in use after a few years. The new trends in technology are surely going to affect us. Let us discuss further latest technology trends.

Upcoming List of Emerging Technologies 2017

Let us look at the top 10 latest technology trends of the year.

Internet of Things

The internet of things is an upcoming technology which makes objects smarter. This smartness gives the object’s abilities to better attend to our demands as their users. For example, an air conditioner with IoT technology would automatically switch on at a particular time of the day. Besides, helping ordinary consumers, IoT aims to bring efficiency to the production line and take care of the wastage. There are endless ways in which IoT will bring change.

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service

The use of artificial intelligence to improve customer service can make a massive impact on the services industry. Unlike humans, robots do not forget, and they have the infinite depth to store product knowledge. The computer driven customer service will answer all the customers’ questions with ease.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality changes the way we interact with the environment around us. The use of virtual reality and augmented reality has applications for different industries. Similarly, the virtual and augmented reality technologies make entertainment a lot more fun. The entertainment industry can offer a lot of immerse content to the audiences by using these technologies.Top 10 Latest Technology Trends 2017

Intelligent Applications Among Latest Technology Trends

There are many smart applications to provide personalized assistance. These applications act as virtual assistants while helping us prioritize the tasks. Examples include virtual private assistances and virtual customer assistance topping the upcoming digital trends. These apps offer promising future, adding to the human productivity and quality of work.


One of the other latest technology trends is automation. Automation increases the accuracy, speed, and quality of tasks previously done by humans. Furthermore, automation will take care of the tasks which were only considered doable by humans. Many of the white collar jobs are like to see an increase in productivity due to automation.

Humanization of Big Data

There is a lot of data available about different industries. However, previously there were no ways of integrating the data to make it look like meaningful information. The use of advanced computing will see a revolution in big data analysis. It will help many industries predict future events and make decisions based on the trustworthy information.

Integration of Physical and Digital Worlds

There is an increase in integration of the physical world with the digital one. For example, the site-to-store purchase is one example of digital and physical worlds coming together. Big companies like Walmart and Amazon will introduce both digital and physical products to the marketplace to meet changing demands of the customers.

Machine Learning and Cybersecurity

There are huge cyber security threats online making it difficult to predict the future attacks. The ability of machines to predict and overcome such attacks will help reduce their impacts. Therefore Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are all working to introduce machine learning for improving security in the cloud.

Conversational Systems

There is an evolution taking place within the conversational systems. The new systems are progressing from simple informal to bi-directional text. In future, law enforcement agencies may use these systems to build sketches of suspects from witness accounts. The idea is for the computer to adapt to a person’s demands to change an outcome.

Smart Homes

Smart homes concept thrives on the better interconnectivity of different objects. However, the ability of the appliances to communicate with each other to provide a comfortable living environment epitomes smart home technology. Furthermore, these smart homes also aim to provide energy efficient living beside improving the overall comfort.

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