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Miss Spain Hopefully to become First Transgender Miss Universe

The world is likely to see a first transgender woman becoming Miss Universe. Yes, Angela Ponce who is contesting as Miss Spain is going to be first transgender Miss Universe as her presence has proved much fascinating so far. 

The First Transgender Miss Universe

Miss Spain’s contesting of Miss Universe as a transgender is being dubbed as a trailblazer. Through her contest, she is carrying the message of inclusion and voicing for the rights of transgenders which is unfortunately subjected to discrimination.

It was in 2012 that pageant reversed its policy that limited participation to naturally born women only. 

In 2017 Miss France had worn the crown of Miss Universe.

It is heartwarming to see that women taking part in pageant,who are from 94 countries, are also representing the diversity.

Just have a look at the confidence of Miss Universe US Virgin Islands.

What Angela Thinks About Her Making to Pageant

Well, a look at Angela’s ever blushing pictures shows that she is more than happy to reach this place. Happiness appears to be oozing out in the form of redness on her cheekbones. 

Just have a look at this 27 years old Spanish beauty’s confidence.

It was her dance in a mermaid like Spanish costume that made her center of attraction. Angela has indeed nailed it as a perfect Miss universe contestant.

A Rebuke to President Trump

Miss Spain’s becoming the first transgender Miss Universe is considered as a rebuke to United States President’s discriminatory policies. Earlier a leaked White House report revealed that Trump administration was considering making changes in laws to define gender by biological traits and bar the transgender community from joining military service.

In the time when transgenders are already struggling to make their voices heard and end discrimination against them merely on the basis of gender, Angela becoming a first transgender Miss Universe will act as a blow of fresh air for the entire community.

Ponce who is also a transgender activist works with a foundation that helps children struggling with their gender identity. So, her presence in a mainstream industry pageant is is indeed going to make a difference. 

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