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How People Are Reacting to Trump’s Impeachment Hearing

After a long fight and constant debates democrats coupled with other parties have finally managed to get their long awaited presidential impeachment hearing. The hearing had been scheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Events That Led To Trump’s Impeachment Hearing

Since day one the current president Donald Trump has not been America’s first choice as president and so has faced fierce resistance from all fronts. Even when he was campaigning to become the president of USA a massive anti trump media campaign coupled with all sorts of adulterated scandals were launched against him.

Despite all the resistance and allegations Trump won the presidential race. The two major events that have led to this impeachment hearing include the allegation of Russian interference in the 2016 election to help Trump win and his pressurizing Ukraine into opening a false investigate on Joe and Hunter Biden to helping him win the 2020 election. If Trump get impeached he will the fourth man in American history to face such a thing.

Republican Party’s Response to Hearing

Ukraine is considered an ally country and is heavily reliant on the US military aide to help fend itself against Russia who for years has been after the country resources and claims it is a part of it. So to pressuring or exploit a country for one’s personal gain is against the country’s construction.

 In one of the transcripts released Trump has admitted to all the allegation placed on him. Despite this he somehow managed to stay in the oval office.

People All Over The Country Are Getting Ready To Tune Into The Hearing

For some Americans Trump is still the best choice as compared to his competitors who have done far worse things than him.

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