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Uber Gets Its Transport License Suspended In London Again

On Monday, the transportation authority of London refused to reissue Uber transportation license over serious safety concerns that company has failed to address.

Uber In Trouble Again

This is the second time Uber has lost its operating license in three years. Transport for London (TFL) on Monday while explaining their decision said, “the app is seriously flawed as it allows unregistered users to easily access and use registered accounts potentially exposing the user to serious harm. “

Other reasons that forced the TFL to refrain from renewing the company’s license include failure to report criminal records of their drivers and the ease of access with which suspended or dismissed drivers could easily create new accounts, thereby easily continuing working. The company has 21 days to appears before a magistrate and appeal against the decision.

It’s Cheap But Not Reliable

London is a major metro metropolitan city with a growing need for quick cheap and reliable transportation, that Uber addresses to some extent. Other existing transportation mediums like the black taxi cab services have greatly been affected. As compared to these age-old transportation systems, the rideshare company is much cheaper but is relatively less safe based upon recent events.

Seems Like De Ja Vu

In September of 2017, the company had its license revoked for the same reason but was allowed to continue with its operation until its hearing in June of 2018. Due to the smart decision of Dara Khosrowshahi, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, a temporary license was granted, allowing the company to thrive. To the concerns of many if the decides to appeal is made, and a similar situation presents itself, it’s highly probable that these concerns go unanswered again.

Transportation experts while commenting on the matter said “in any case it’s not the company that will suffer it’s the workforce because for many of them this is the primary source of income or is the main means by which they pay for their heavy car lease which they have taken to get new cars to make more money”.

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