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Uday Chopra Talking about Philosophy is Rare Thing from Bollywood

Uday Chopra may have not been a successful actor in Bollywood but he has been winning the hearts of social media users with his takes on philosophy. When usually Bollywood stars make headlines for (other than work) being involved in money laundering, drugs, and terrorism, Chopra has been enlightening fans with his insightful thoughts.

The ex-actor who was once a punching bag for jokes has become a well-respected personality on the internet. For the past few years, he has been posting various tweets where he has discussed the existence of God, science the idea of choice, free will, and creating a new religion.

How is Uday Chopra Relatable for So Many?

Unlike other Bollywood actors, Uday Chopra has been engaging with fans in conversations that discuss real issues. He often shares intellectual opinions that have been intriguing for the fans. Chopra is relatable for so many especially those who may have failed at crucial stages of their life. By looking at his tweets, he seems like someone who is trying to make sense out of things using different philosophies. Here is one tweet where he says he is going to advise his son on his 18th Birthday that life sucks, it has no purpose, and the truth is that you are going to die.

Intellectual Opinions on Different Walks of Life

There are so many tweets that shed light on different topics. Regarding politics, one of his latest tweets talks about his stance on the debate of socialism and capitalism. It says that humans believe that they have a right to equal opportunity but are not sure if they have a right to equal outcomes. In the next tweet, he talks about being a libertarian but mentions that capitalism may still play a huge role in that too. Another tweet about politics says that humans needed government because they couldn’t govern themselves.

Besides politics, he has also shared his take on science and compared the intellect of Einstein and Newton. While acknowledging Einstein’s discoveries, he says that if Newton didn’t invent calculus and the 3 laws of motion, Einstein would have never known how to deal with gravity. One more tweet about science shows where he stands from the religious perspective. Chopra says that the difference between science and religion is that science does not clearly say that it is speaking the truth but religion stresses that it is the absolute truth.

Failure in Bollywood Career

The actor did not make it big in Bollywood but some fans loved his comic relief style as a supporting actor in films like the Dhoom series. He started his career as an assistant director under the Yash Raj banner. He is the son of famous late director Yash Chopra and co-owns YRF Entertainment.

He made his acting debut in SRK starrer Mohabbatein (2000) and appeared in many other films including Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai (2002), Supari (2003), Dhoom (2004), Dhoom 2 (2006), and made his last film appearance in Dhoom 3 (2013).

As an assistant director, he has many great films to his name like Lamhe (1991), Darr (1993), and Dilwale Dhulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995).

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