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UK Election Results – Conservatives Lose Majority

The UK election results prove to be shocking for Theresa May and her party. Theresa May herself made the announcement of snap elections. However, it did not go the way Conservatives would have liked.

UK Election Results – Major Change in Party Representation

Theresa May game did not pay off. Small gains in Scotland cannot justify the overall loss of seats in the parliament. Conservatives need support from another party to form a majority in the parliament.

Here is a quick overview of the UK election results so far.

  • Conservatives have lost 12 seats in the latest UK election results.
  • Labour, on the other hand, has added 31 more seats to their political strength.
  • SNP also lost around 19 seats in this election.
  • Other parties are almost at the same positions with no significant change in sight so far.

Why did Theresa May Call for Elections?

Theresa May wanted to get a clear majority before going into the Brexit negotiations. However, instead of gaining a clear majority, her party has lost a lot more seats. Now, she will need to find support from other parties to make a government.

Critics of Theresa May are not happy with her overall handling of different issues. The policy change in social care for stay-at-home elders was one step that did not go in her favor. Similarly, the dementia tax came under fire from the elderly voters.

Theresa May also did not come face to face with Jeremy Corbyn on TV debates. Her political opponents did question her absence from these discussions.

UK Election Results – Jeremy Corbyn Asks Theresa May to Step Down

UK Election Results - Conservatives Lose MajorityIn his speech after UK election results, the Labour Party leader said that Theresa May’s election call was to have a mandate. However, her party has lost seats, votes, support, and confidence. He thinks that all these losses point to the fact that Theresa May must go. Jeremy Corbyn says that Theresa May give way to a government which represents the people of Great Britain.

Theresa May Remains Hopeful Amid Hung Parliament

Despite the losses, Theresa May remains confident that she will retain her seat as the British Prime Minister. Many Senior Conservatives are saying that Theresa May is not thinking of resigning from her post.

Theresa May plans to go to the Buckingham Palace today to seek the permission from the Queen to form a new parliament.

DUP May Support Theresa May to Remain Prime Minister

DUP or Democratic Unionist Party is the largest in Northern Ireland. Political analysts believe that Conservatives have all eyes on the DUP to get support and form a coalition government. DUP that has won 10 seats were two seats down in the previously election. The DUP party is currently led by Arlene Foster, supporting the pro-Brexit moment.

No Hard Brexit for DUP

The DUP may want to have a Brexit. However, the party does not want to see a hard Brexit. A situation many refer to as a “no Brexit deal” with the European Union. The senior leadership of DUP is cautious about joining the Conservatives. The party officials say that they will talk to Conservatives for the formation of a coalition. However, they will carefully choose all their options when siding with any party.

The Formation of Minority Government A Possibility

What is a Minority Government in the UK?

A minority government is formed when one party does not enjoy majority, even with the support of other parties. There have been two instances in British elections when no party was able to have a clear majority. The first case took place between 1931 and 1945 to form the National Government. And in between 2010 and 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrats formed a government.

A minority government makes decisions with the support of other parties.

Theresa May Minority Government

Theresa May may make an announcement of forming a minority government with the DUP. However, there are serious differences of leadership in the Conservative Party. Some quarters of the Conservatives point that the potential successors may be weighing her next moves carefully. Some of the replacements under discussion within the Tories are names like Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, David Davis, and Michael Fallon. The Conservatives within their ranks are not happy with the UK election results. They are startled with the gamble of Theresa May which did not play in the party’s favor.

Jeremy Corbyn Minority Government

On this occasion, Jeremy Corbyn is eyeing entrance into 10 Downing Street. He plans to form a minority government by aligning with other parties. However, for that to take place, Jeremy Corbyn will have to strive hard. It means Jeremy Corbyn will have to rely on several other parties to form a minority government. The Conservatives were not able to make a government, but they are still in the lead. Therefore, the Labour Party will have to form a government with a weak decision-making ability.

Possibility of Election Re-Run

Furthermore, if any of the parties fails to form a coalition government and minority government seems to become unworkable, second UK general election may become possible. However, such an election may take place in the second half of this year. Some political analysts believe that it’s hard to form a coalition government. A minority government, they say, will not be able to function. Therefore, they conclude that it will eventually lead to a re-election.

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