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The UK Not to Allow Diesel & Petrol Cars After 2040

Britain will ban the use of diesel & petrol cars after 2040. The primary reason behind this ban is an alarming increase in nitrogen oxide levels which pose a major health risk to the public. The increase in pollution levels leaves no option with the government.

Funds to Fight Pollution Leading to Diesel & Petrol Cars Ban

The government will announce measures soon to fight pollution. The British government also plans to set up a £255 million fund for helping councils implement changes. The measures would also contribute to fighting pollution because of diesel vehicles.

Critics Not Happy with Diesel & Petrol Cars Ban by 2040

The advocates of a greener UK say that the measure is too late and will serve little purpose. Liberal Democrats ask the government to impose a ban on diesel cars by 2025. Ed Miliband, the former Labour Leader for Energy sector, called the diesel & petrol cars ban “a smokescreen.” Furthermore, he added that government was hiding behind this smokescreen to delay the ban.

The British government is expected to come up with the order today. The move comes after France announced a similar ban to curb pollution levels. Many of the car manufacturers are already switching to electric-only vehicles. The UK Not to Allow Diesel & Petrol Cars After 2040

Scrappage Scheme and New Measures

The ban as per the government officials will encourage individuals to change their traditional cars with hybrid and electric vehicles. The air quality strategy requires the local authorities to change road layouts, remove speed bumps, & retrofit most polluting diesel cars.

However, in the longer run, the government will have to ban diesel & petrol cars. It includes imposing tougher restrictions on those diesel vehicles creating the most pollution. The aim will be to bring down the pollution by the year 2020.

Furthermore, the motorists group demands a diesel scrappage scheme to let diesel drivers receive compensation for trading their polluting cars. The government is also required to have a consultation for any possible scrappage schemes. Even government does come up with such scheme it would be very targeted.

Furthermore, the Environment Secretary is anticipated to warn the authorities against unfairly punishing drivers. It means not to impose additional taxes and other restrictions on diesel car owners.

Reliance on Greener Sources of Energy & Reduction of Pollution

The government of the UK wants to focus more on greener ways of creating energy, including wind farms. Besides the introduction of new nuclear power stations.

A recent study has found that among most polluted roads of the UK, 48 exist in London. Other places with polluting roads include Middlesborough, Derby, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bury, Leeds, Southampton, Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle, Manchester, Coventry, Bristol, and Bolton.

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