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Shia Militia Storm US Embassy in Baghdad After Airstrike Kills 25

On Tuesday the members of the Iranian backed Shia militia Kataib Hezbollah which differs from the Palestinian Hezbollah stormed the US Embassy in Bagdad Iraq after an airstrike killed at least 25 of their members.

US Embassy in Baghdad under Siege

 On Tuesday, a large group of protesters entered the green zone of Baghdad while chanting anti-American slogans without any resistance. They gathered in front of the US embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad, chanting slogans like “down, down America” and stoned the front gate.

The embassy staff, including the American Ambassador, were evacuated from the embassy before the protester arrived. Later, protesters started scaling the walls of the embassy and broke through the door, after which they stormed the compound.

The embassy security and members of the American armed forces have been deployed to protect the diplomatic compound from harm.

Iraqi Special Forces have also been deployed for additional protection.

Cause Behind The Protest

The airstrikes came in retaliation to the death of a US contractor stationed on an Iraqi military. The attack was allegedly conducted by the Iranian backed Kataib Hezbollah.

The US airstrike targeted 5 Kataib Hezbollah strongholds, including the organization’s headquarters. The attacks resulted in the death of at least 25 personnel. The Kataib Hezbollah, which is a part of the Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces, vowed vengeance and questioned America’s intention.

We Stand By Our Allies

Top American officials, while commenting on the matter, reiterated that “America knows how to defend itself and its allies. The airstrikes conducted are proof of this”. Iranian officials, while condemning the airstrike, said, “such action will only increase instability in the region and would only further weaken the relations all-around.”

Despite the US occupation Iraq under international law has the right to self-governance with full right to revoke or allow foreign forces to operate on its soil. A top Iraqi official, while commenting on the matter, said:” the action of the US is forcing us to rethink our stance.”

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